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For most organizations, 2018 will be a year of transition where they first bring AI to their cyber defense. Many organizations are still using an MSSP, or their own internally developed SOC. They have not yet adopted a true Managed Detection and Response Service, let alone mature, end-to-end AI capabilities. But as more organizations suffer threats from AI-driven cyber attackers in 2018, AI will become a standard element of every effective security posture. And as more organizations further digitize – opening-up more vulnerability points, and creating opportunities for increasingly complex multi-channel attacks – the need for AI in cyber security will only increase beyond 2018.

Questions this whitepaper will answer:
  • What should organizations look for when adopting Artificial Intelligence for cyber defense?
  • Will an AI platform obviate the need for human security talent?
  • In what areas of cyber security should you use AI?
  • Are attackers adopting AI driven exploits?


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