How to Use The MDR Framework for Advanced Threat Discovery and Remediation

Michael Suby (VP Research, Frost & Sullivan), Vinod Vasudevan (Chief Technology Officer, Paladion)

In this webinar, we discuss the different components of Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and how it can advance your existing security operations. Frost and Sullivan’s VP of Research Michael Suby and Paladion’s co-founder and CTO Vinod Vasudevan decode the MDR framework to help you understand its different working parts including its technology, processes, and people to help you gain better understanding of this strategic security operations area.

Key Takeaways:
- State of Cyber Security in the US
- Understanding the managed detection and response framework
- Why you should move away from a preventive security framework
- 7 point consideration for building advanced threat detection and response
- How to leverage your existing security investments for advanced threat discovery
- Learn to carry out analytics, hypothesis and indicator driven threat hunting
- Using threat anticipation services to be ahead of the curve
- How to use machine augmented security response for alert validation, incident analysis, containment, and remediation