Application Security at the Speed of DevOps

James Rabon - Product Manager, Fortify Software Security Center and Tools

Faster time-to-market and business value driven application functionality are the biggest drivers for DevOps. With DevOps, more frequent releases require shorter development and test cycles creating a higher risk of breaches exploiting the application layer. The last couple of years have shown business value can take a significant hit with security breaches. Building security features at the speed of DevOps, and reducing risk with the right security architecture, processes, and collaboration is key to staying in business. This is the genesis of DevSecOps.

In this Webinar, Derek Brink from Aberdeen Research describes how the shift towards rapid application delivery methods creates new opportunities for improving application security and reducing risk. MicroFocus’ James Rabon (Product Manager, Fortify Software Security Center and Tools) and Paladion's Vinod Vasudevan (Co-founder and CTO) discuss how MicroFocus and Paladion are helping customers integrate security and compliance into DevOps processes.

Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

- Trends in application delivery: from waterfall, to Agile and DevOps
- How characteristics of Agile, DevOps provide a high-level blueprint for what application security in that environment should look like
- Capabilities you should be looking for to improve application security at the speed of DevOps
- How to adopt non-disruptive and continuous application security processes
- Bringing in around-the-clock security monitoring for cloud assets