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Your web application landscape evolves at lightning speed. Is your web application security keeping pace? Paladion has given hundreds of companies like yours hands-off web app security testing and management services. Our 1,000+ global security experts are standing by.

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Web Application Security: Don’t Leave It to Chance

Make your web applications bulletproof

See Your Security Posture Clearly

Go Beyond Vulnerability Scans

AI-powered automated scans and manual application tests helps uncover deeper, unknown vulnerabilities.

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Find all Your Exposures

Our ethical hackers and penetration tests uncover the creative exploits that conventional web app security testing misses.

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Scour Your Code for Flaws

Check for insecure coding practices, backdoors, injection flaws, cross site scripting flaws, insecure handling of external resources, weak cryptography,
and more.

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Adopt Proactive Threat Management

Meet Compliance Standards

Paladion’s application security tests helps you comply to PCI, HIPPA, GLBA, CIS, NIST, and more..

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Cost Effective Vulnerability Tests

Our web application security service provides comprehensive tests for a single price, and has no hidden costs.

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Awards & Recognitions

Keep Your Sensitive Web Application Data Safe

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Web App Security Testing: Our Process

Keep your security sharp with our systematic approach


Application Deep Dive

To think like a hacker and go beyond normal use cases, we study everything about your app—from user profiles, to business cases, to functionality, to its code base.


Threat Profile Creation

To create the most accurate and dangerous threat profile possible, we explore every single vulnerability and threat relevant to your app.


Test Plan Deployment

We then create a security test plan to build a complete picture of your application’s threat landscape and to validate the threats we ID.



To help you close your threats ASAP, we prioritize your vulnerabilities according to your unique business context, and provide rapid
remediation guidelines.



We keep your online reporting portal up-to-date, providing constant communication and visibility into your web app security testing plan.

Gain Full-Spectrum Web Application Security

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