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Active, Continuous, and Contextual
Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Managment

Attackers search and exploit low lying vulnerabilities in exposed assets and then move laterally within a network to compromise other assets. Traditional vulnerability management programs are inadequate at preventing such advanced threats. Only an active approach to vulnerability management that runs 24×7 to discover new assets and vulnerabilities, applies analytics to mimic attacker behavior, and has an orchestration platform for swift response can counter today’s sophisticated threats.

To actively respond to threats and vulnerabilities, we created a unique vulnerability management program that blends advanced data sciences and orchestration technology with deep security skills for predicting vulnerability before it’s in your environment, and discovering and preventing exploitation of existing vulnerabilities.

Merging mature security skills with an advanced vulnerability orchestration platform

Our vulnerability management service integrates first-rate security testers, security researchers, ethical hackers, and vulnerability intelligence with automation and analytics from our own RisqVU platform to deliver active vulnerability management.

Our patent pending RisqVU platform automates asset discovery, vulnerability triage, root cause investigation and fast mitigation. It centralizes scheduling and monitoring of a variety of security tests and scans, and provides a single pane of glass to view vulnerabilities across assets, business units, locations across network, configuration, application, and code security.

Paladion's Vulnerability Management Program is built for on-premise, cloud, and hybrid environments.

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Cyberactive VM


Paladion's Vulnerability Management Service provides six strategic defenses against advanced threats

Discover Assets Continuously

Today’s asset repositories have gaps that cause blind spots for security teams when defending against attackers. Our VM experts armed with world class security tools conduct continuous deep asset discovery from a security perspective for on-premise and cloud deployments.

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Orchestrate Fast Paced Security Assessments

To prevent advanced attacks, assets need to be tested at multiple levels, however, current tests are uncoordinated leaving significant holes for attackers to exploit. Our VM service enables fast and continuous testing for a variety of assets across all levels by orchestrating testing tools and test schedules.

Security Automation

Fast Mitigation Through Tool Automation

Studies indicate that an average vulnerability stays open for over 38 days after it has been reported through security tests. Our advanced vulnerability management service delivers fast mitigation through an automated response mechanism, and monitors the mitigation cycle to learn from past actions to create solution repositories for mitigation teams.

Threat vulnerability

Threat and Context Focused Vulnerability Prioritization

Organizations are bombarded with thousands of vulnerabilities that need remediation based on risk scores. Currently, these are generated by tools rather than an attacker’s perspective on which vulnerabilities will get exploited. Our advanced VM service narrows down the vulnerabilities that need mitigation through sophisticated threat models, vulnerability propagation, asset, and business context, and compensatory controls all triaged through machine based analytics.

Vulnerability Analytics

Vulnerability Analytics and Root Cause Elimination

Paladion's advanced vulnerability Management service consolidates all data for assets, business units, vulnerabilities, threats, and mitigation to provide unified analytics to organizations. This helps in constant benchmarking, maturity tracking, root cause determination, and mitigation prioritization.

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