Website Security by Paladion OnDemand

Did you know your website could be blacklisted, even though it wasn’t your fault?

Malware attacks and infections can disrupt your website and put it on search engine blacklists, if it isn’t properly protected.

That can mean

  • Loss of visitors, transactions, revenue, and sensitive data
  • Damage to your brand image and corporate reputation.

Google alone blacklists 9,500 websites per day. It then takes an average of 13 days – almost two weeks – to get a website off the black list.

Paladion OnDemand brings you the answer – a leading edge, subscription based, always-on website security platform; with ZERO set up costs and overheads.

Paladion OnDemand offers you three full-function components for complete security:

  1. Malware monitoring
  2. Security scanning
  3. Attack monitoring
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Our website malware monitoring service:

  • Monitors and detects malware on your website, with advanced behavioral analysis
  • Performs scheduled and unlimited on-demand malware scans of your website
  • Gives you alerts and reports for quick identification and actions to remove malware

Our website security scanning service:

  • Assesses your website and the underlying webserver to identify vulnerabilities to rate risks
  • Performs daily scheduled website security scans and unlimited on-demand scanning
  • Makes recommendations for fixing discovered vulnerabilities

Our website attack monitoring service:

  • Analyzes and regularly checks your website code to check for unauthorized modification
  • Renders your website as an image and regularly checks subsequent renderings.
  • Sends you alerts and notifications via a web-based customer portal, email, or sms

Paladion OnDemand is the ONLY website security solution that provides you complete security against all forms of threat – without having to adopt and integrate piece-meal solutions.

Just a few clicks give you:

  • Robust protection
  • Visibility of all the threats and weaknesses on a single portal Detailed reports and remediation guidance
  • Fast, simple, effective, and with ZERO investment, Paladion OnDemand offers you great value for money and maximum protection for your websites.

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