Sharpen your Security Information and Event Management Processes

Your first question is perhaps what can Paladion do for you? Let’s start with the SIEM you have or plan to deploy. The SIEM will very likely be at the nerve center of your security operations. It collects security events from across the networks, systems and security technologies and provides alerts that need to be responded to.

Sharpen and Better Manage your SIEM.

In the real world, these alerts need further analysis to weed out the noise and prioritize the real threats. To make the system more effective it also needs to be integrated with other systems like identity and access management, and external threat feeds.

To keep your SIEM up and running, there are activities like configuration changes, updates, and upgrades that need to be performed in a disciplined manner. These activities can be an unnecessary burden on lean security teams.

Additionally SIEM content in the form of use cases, reports and alerts need to be created and fine-tuned continuously to meet the changing security and compliance demands of the business. Neglecting content will increase false negatives. And finally, doing all of this round-the-clock takes at least five analysts, which poses an economic challenge.

Paladion Managed SIEM offering solves all these challenges. Our global network of SOCs monitors over 7 billion security events every day, and we have over 350 SOC analysts who get the job done for our customers 24/7.

Because of our scale and expertise across a number of SIEMs, we are uniquely positioned to provide you with a better way to manage your SIEM and achieve better security outcomes. We look forward to connecting with you.