Paladion’s RisqVU IST – Overview

Why are the real business benefits too often missing from IT security audits?

When it comes to vulnerability scanning, enterprises and organizations sometimes confuse speed with effectiveness.

It’s important to be fast and reliable when performing IT security audits. But your security posture must be aligned with your business objectives too.

For example, what does it mean if your CRM portal is vulnerable to buffer overflow? Is it less serious than if your backup server lacks PCI compliance? More serious?

If vulnerability testing is limited to checking boxes, your organization could fail to get proper return on investment. It could even simply fail, period.

That’s because modern day attacks are no longer limited to just one weak spot. Modern day attacks are now multi-dimensional, exploiting combinations of three items:

  • Vulnerabilities
  • Insecure features
  • Abuse of privileges
Predict, Assess, and remediate multidimensional threats with RisqVU IST

One-dimensional vulnerability scanning cannot detect new combination threats. Reports that simply list thousands of vulnerabilities do not show you where your real business risk is.

The solution is to become situationally aware. In other words, your security posture must be compared continually with your business objectives.

RisqVU IST from Paladion gives you this capability. RisqVU IST can analyze your cloud systems and your on premise IT systems across multiple dimensions to bring you that critical situational awareness.

RisqVU IST is built on a unified security framework. It’s powered by three core engines for:

  • Telemetry
  • Analysis and
  • Discovery

Your current security posture is established via telemetry or scanning. Analysis uncovers attack pattern formations and systems more likely to be compromised. The discovery engine hunts for known and unknown malware symptoms. Your regulatory compliance is monitored to help your organization meet legal requirements too.

In addition, RisqVU IST provides a highly effective command and control center for security managers. Remediation for critical issues can be automated and also triggered on demand. Actions can include service shutdown, rogue process termination, account disablement, and more. You can even run advanced simulations to find and fix problems before they occur.

With RisqVU IST, move beyond disconnected silos of reactive security checking. Develop the situational awareness to proactively and effectively protect your systems and your business across your organization.


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