Paladion Network – Overview

For the last 15 years we’ve seen the world around us change, our day to day lives and businesses are being reshaped by the digital revolution. Today, digital is no longer just a channel for revenue, but is the business itself. As technology grew and digitization applied to all functions and processes of businesses, information threats and risks grew alarmingly.

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The need today is a holistic cyber security program that addresses your key information risk challenges and protects you from the latest security threats. Better automation, predictive intelligence and actionable insights are at the core of an integrated program, and that is what Paladion offers you.

With Paladion, customer-focused, product and technology-agnostic information security solutions tightly integrates with best in class tools, and award winning security services that comprises of 700+ certified security engineers, protecting over 700 organizations across the globe.

A complete spectrum of information risk management services, comprising of security assurance, compliance, governance, monitoring, security analytics and security management services delivers unmatched protection and security management capabilities for a diverse industry, delivering better security outcomes.

We are a pure-play information security provider that manages information risk in its entirety, on a continual basis, at progressively reduced costs. Our experts leverage uniquely different delivery models to address your varied security requirements. You could choose from our full suite service or an instant, standardized pay as you go model through our on-demand services.

Over the years Paladion has evolved into a trusted security partner for several large enterprises, helping them manage their security so they can focus on business innovation and growth.