MDR Threat Hunting with Multisource Security Analytics

Attack indicators are spread across multiple sources in a network. A single attack can leave behind several footprints in firewall, servers, applications, netflows, proxy, packets and several other sources. Analytics that are focused on a single entity or source such as packet or user behavior analytics will miss the full attack.

Paladion’s MDR is delivered through its proprietary RisqVU platform that is truly a multi-source big data analytics platform. Applying analytics concurrently to multiple sources of IT, network, users and business data, RisqVU helps visualize a single view of the attack. For example, detecting watering hole attacks will need simultaneous analysis of data from proxy, email traffic and packets. RisqVU differs from existing big data analytics products in its ability to apply machine learning algorithms in parallel to multiple data sources for same use case of an attack.

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Multi-source analytics not only gives you the broader picture, it also helps in removing false positives. Traditional platforms rely on outliers or pattern detection, which are prone to high false positives.

RisqVU, as a muti-source analytics platform, solves this problem; if you don’t see similar indicators of compromise in other sources, the alert can be ignored or set on low priority. Scoring of alerts this way makes it more reliable.

Being multi-source, RisqVu has the unique ability to link together individual attacks and identify an attack campaign. Modern attacks do not occur as a single event at a single asset. They are usually spread out across time and assets using a variety of individual attacks in cyber kill chain. Only the RisqVU platform can provide a full view of various stages of kill chain and piece together the entire attack campaign.

Paladion’s MDR and RisqVU’s multisource, big data security analytics platform can help you mount robust defenses against today’s sophisticated cyber threats. Speak to a MDR expert today.