Managed Detection and Response Service – Overview

Current cyber threat detection mechanisms are often passive; meaning they fail against more sophisticated attacks and can become overwhelmed by attackers that use a sea of diversionary tactics that can generate a high volume of alerts, leaving analysts with very little time to deal with dangerous stealth attacks or unknown attacks.

The best tools at hand to tackle this ever increasing source of threats are big data analytics on intelligence and behavior data.

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Paladion’s Managed Detection and Response Service blends context, big data and statistical and machine learning algorithms! This intelligence-led approach to monitoring and response takes traditional threat detection and response to the next level by allowing analysts to focus on what is really important instead of spending time mining for the right alerts.

So how do we do it?! MDR comes with Paladion’s own RisqVu ADR platform supercharged with patent-pending algorithms, advanced triage, real-time analytics and pre-packaged scenarios for early detection of Indicators of Compromise known as IOCs. The unique framework comprises of two major components – Active Response and Active Detection – to ensure you have all round protection from the sophisticated cyber threats

Paladion’s six CyberActive SOCs placed across the globe brings together investigators, threat intelligence analysts, SOC content authors, data scientists, data hunters, and threat data feeds from around the world to set up active defenses against a landscape that is disruptive, erratic, and creative, so you can predict attacks and proactively mitigate threats.