CyberActive℠ VM for DevOps- Build and Run Secure Software

Your business depends on delivering results for your customers with your software. Building and running your software applications securely is the top priority. However, current security processes and scanning tools are not adequate to meet your objective.

Move up to automation, analytics and an integrated digital experience with Cyberactive VM

Problem 1- Code scanners, application scanners, network scanners and other tools often generate high volumes of red flags and several false positives. Your developers are hard pressed to build and release fast. Your operations team is focused on 100% availability and customer support. How do we maintain security with agility of development?

CyberActive VM helps prioritize these high volumes of alerts by using scientific & analytical models that are trained to think like attackers and the latest vulnerability intelligence. False positives are removed and vulnerabilities with the higher likelihood of being exploited are pushed up for remediation.

Our custom mitigation tools provide remediation guidance that requires very less developer time to apply fixes. The Auto Mitigation feature even goes a step further and helps ops teams block a critical vulnerability through a real time push to an IPS or WAF.

Problem 2- Software security defects repeat themselves and precious time and effort are lost in closing them repeatedly. How do you apply analytics to understand and eliminate root causes?

CyberActive’s vulnerability analytics can rapidly reveal root causes for repeat vulnerabilities in assets and fixes for specific development groups. Our CyberActive team can provide short term and long term solutions to address these root causes.

The focus at CyberActive Security Testing Labs is to reduce defects over time and not just discover and mitigate individual vulnerabilities.

Problem 3- Security testing processes are very cumbersome today, your developers and IT team needs to access a variety of scanners, interact with other teams for scheduling tests, reviewing vulnerabilities, coordinating tasks, and applying mitigation.

CyberActive delivers your developers and operations team a superior digital experience through automation of the entire workflow; from requesting a test to seamless integration with IDEs, SCRs, and bug tracking systems, and access one click support. It also provides a centralized view of all your vulnerabilities, assets, mitigation tasks, and compliances.

Existing vulnerability scanning tools do not safeguard against the sophisticated threats that today’s evolving businesses face. Move up to automation, analytics and an integrated digital experience with Cyberactive VM; a combination of our proprietary platform and security expertise build over 16 years provides the optimum support and security for your Devops.

CyberActive VM is built for your hybrid environment covering internal network, data center assets and cloud infrastructure over AWS or azure.