CyberActive℠ VM – Active Vulnerability Orchestration

Every organisation strives to protect its network against threats and breaches. But in a constantly changing threat and IT landscape, how do you ensure your assets are not vulnerable?

There is a need for a solution that can quickly, continuously and accurately detect vulnerabilities across the IT landscape with the least effort and cost.

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Threats have become more targeted and dynamic. Last year alone over 500 million data records were lost due to breaches. Newer vulnerabilities are also constantly growing every year. Last year 15,435 new vulnerabilities were identified, an 18% rise over the previous year.

Attackers look to exploit any vulnerability, such as new software or a missing application update to exploit your assets. What your organization needs is continuous and deeper vulnerability detection across your assets, faster mitigation, and up-to-date vulnerability intelligence so you’re protected from the latest threats.

Existing vulnerability management programs are limited, as they only focus on the vulnerability of key assets. In addition, as test only happens once or twice a year, large numbers of vulnerabilities go undetected until the next test, a significant gap that creates large exposure to breach.

Paladion’s Active Vulnerability Management offering goes above and beyond current programs. Our advanced platform provides continuous and extensive coverage of your entire network through proprietary RisqVu technology. The RisqVu platform is augmented with our 150 strong security test engineers and vulnerability researchers for manual exploits, source code, reviews, and an exclusive security test playbook.

Not only does Paladion Active Vulnerability Management provide greater coverage, it provides enhanced control and a single- pane- of-glass to view vulnerabilities at any point in time.

Our active analytics determine the root causes of breaches, probe recurrent issues and detect hidden risks to provide greater coverage of each and every asset. Our platform automates time consuming workflows, resulting in reduced remediation time and lower costs.

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