An Integrated GRC Solution

Managing ever-increasing enterprise risks together with constantly evolving compliance regulations is a constant challenge faced by information security teams across organizations. Today, it’s accepted that managing one’s compliance and enterprise risks in silos is not efficient. A good GRC initiative, by virtue of automation, risk controls and actionable insights can help companies achieve better security and greater control in information security expenditure.

Get functional and well-managed GRC

Unfortunately, more than 60% of GRC initiatives fall short of their business objectives. Often, these failures are a result of looking at the initiative either only as a product implementation, or over reliance on complex and expensive professional services which are not sustainable. What you need is a comprehensive GRC solution which tightly integrates a best in class GRC product with expert professional service.

Paladion understands this problem and helps you get better outcomes in your GRC management through its award winning GRC product (RisqVu GRC) backed with its deep consulting skills.

RisqVU is an award winning security GRC product that simplifies management of people, processes and technology risks. RisqVU focuses on solving Information Risk Management problems by effectively reducing enterprise risk compliance gaps and providing actionable insights into the company’s security posture.

With these modules RisqVU IT-GRC reduces cost, effort and complexity of IT Risk and Compliance Management through

automated processes, workflows, collaboration, risk repositories, checklists and reporting templates – all packaged in a single solution.

GRC Management is not just about implementing the GRC product. It needs the right processes to be implemented, and afterwards these processes need to be managed in a proactive way. No product gives you the outcome of strong GRC management. A product-centric approach has led organizations to multiple problems.

The need is to have a tightly integrated solution where products and services work in tandem to provide better outcomes. It is uniquely provided by Paladion, by complementing its deep professional service skills and experience with its own product on GRC. In comparison, the competitors either offer a product or a service around a 3rd party product. These are not the complete solutions neither are they tightly integrated.

Paladion’s GRC management service gives your organization day-to-day control over risks through policy monitoring, compliance and governance activities. Leveraging its 15 years of GRC experience certifying 100+ customers across various compliance standards, Paladion’s 100+ certified security experts protect some of the largest corporations across Asia and Middle East.

Paladion’s GRC Management offers a unique hybrid model letting you choose the right GRC approach to suit your business.

The importance of a functional and well-managed GRC is pivotal to the growth of an organization. With Paladion’s integrated solutions, you can be assured of better security outcomes.