Threat Anticipation Service

Protect Against Threats: Even Before They Reach You

Artifacts such as IP reputation or filenames are not useful without deeper analysis into attack methods and how that can occur in your unique context. We churn out threat intelligence, validate, and apply them to your context to provide precise steps to detect, respond, and mitigate global threats.

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From News to Protection in Hours

We continuously monitor global threats and adapt your defenses within hours of discovering an attack or collecting threat intel, so you don’t fall victim to threats that have successfully breached others.


Paladion’s Threat Anticipation Service


We continuously collect threat data from a variety of threat intelligence feeds

  • Tactical Machine Intelligence Data
  • Vulnerability Advisories
  • The News
  • Blogs
  • Social Media
  • The Dark Web
  • And other non-public sources on our threat intelligence platform.

We then analyze this data to determine which threats your organization can safely ignore—and which you need to prepare for now. We bring two actionable outcomes: tactical threat intel and strategic threat intel.

You receive our validated and curated threat intelligence in a machine-readable format. The content includes malicious IPs, URLs, files, hashes, processes, and signatures.

You can apply this data to your security products and IT devices at machine speed and quickly improve your prevention, detection, and response to threats.

Threat anticipation MDR

Tactical Threat Intel in Action


Strategic Threat Intel in Action

We analyze globally reported breaches and attacks, and extract key intelligence from the data. These could be malware samples, reverse engineered IOCs, specific TTPs used in the attack, the CVEs that are exploited, and other relevant data on attacks.

And based on intelligence we extract from unstructured breach data, we put together specific action items that you specifically must deploy to prevent, detect, and respond to these reported breaches.

Threat map

MSSP or MDR – Know the Difference and Choose the Right Partner

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Why Choose Paladion’s Threat Anticipation Service?

Upgrade from generic threat data to specific security outcomes


Advanced Technology Platform

Our threat intelligence platform collects structured and unstructured data from over 200 sources to provide advanced threat anticipation features – including text analytics for categorization, correlation and scoring of threat data, and contextual matching with your IT assets and network data.

The platform combined with our large threat analytics team brings you true threat anticipation capabilities.


Large Pool of Global Threat Analysts

Threat anticipation requires highly specialized talent. Collating, assessing, and analyzing threat data to determine relevant threats to your environment is labor intensive.

We deploy a large, highly skilled global team to validate and help you make sense of threat data. Our threat analysts are also available 24×7 to discuss global threats you are concerned about.

constantly-updated-threat intelligence

Constantly Updated Threat Intelligence

We apply deep understanding of threats to all levels of our prevention, detection, and response services. The result— we minimize the time needed to recognize attacks that are imminent, in progress, or already executed, as well as an attack’s underlying methods and motivations.


No Half Measures

Unlike many threat intel providers, we do more than just provide you with raw threat data. Our experts validate and curate this data, and contextualize it for your IT assets and networks. We then distill your key action items for detection, response, or prevention.

Anticipate and Adjust Defensive Controls before an
Attack on your Environment

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Threat Anticipation Service is a part of our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR). With MDR, you not only get anticipatory threat intelligence, but you also get advanced threat protection services, via: Threat Hunting, Round-the-Clock Security Monitoring, Alert Response, Incident Response, and Breach Management.

Why stop with Threat Anticipation, when you can leverage a managed service that integrates your cyber threat intelligence, and provides advanced incident detection and response?

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