New Security Threats and Landscape: How to Defend Your Organization in the Age of COVID-19

COVID-19 has not only created serious health and social concerns. It has brought about economic challenges and exposed the existing security measures in many organizations."

This whitepaper explores the new challenges presented by the new security landscape and provides measures that you can take to protect your organization from network security threats both during and after the crisis.

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The Security Landscape Created By COVID-19

  • A transition to Work-From-Home (WFH) arrangements, which has created new vulnerabilities for systems that were designed for a centralized workforce, allowing for more malicious malware and other network security threats
  • A spike in cybercriminals taking advantage of the chaos and resulting vulnerabilities caused by the quick implementation of reactive measures

The new landscape created by coronavirus offers new challenges and network security threats. These two points are only a few among many. This new pandemic has already increased the cases phishing, email scams, fraud, and risks from third parties. While these emerging network security threats can be intimidating for organizations, this whitepaper will outline the important and necessary steps to mitigate these network security threats and prepare organizations for the new landscape created by COVID-19.



Find out all there is to know about the primary cybersecurity threats caused by COVID-19.

New network security threats covered include:

Increased vulnerability of WFH employees

Less protected home networks

The burden of new perimeters

Lack of preparation for remote incident responses

Download this white paper to gain insight into practical, realistic, and immediate solutions to each of the primary security threats caused by the COVID-19 crisis. The white paper addresses the growing threats and new landscape facing businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, it will delve into the solutions that organizations can use right now to handle these threats and to protect their employees, customers, networks, and information.

To answer these questions -quickly and easily-download COVID-19 whitepaper to Defend Your Organization

Learn how to:

  • Monitor and support WFH employees to protect data
  • Establish countermeasures for vulnerable home networks
  • Secure new perimeters to include WFH environments
  • Protect and streamline new dataflows to be secure
  • Develop remote incident responses  to deal with the new threats

Access the Whitepaper here

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