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Machine learning, combined with AI, creates a cutting-edge approach that detects threats at a very early stage. Threats from Masqueraders, Nation States, Hacktivists, Advanced Targeted Attacks and, even more so, from insider threats. Insider threats (whether intentional or unintentional) continue to plague healthcare. In particular, employees opening email with infected files, clicking web links, and falling prey to social media ‘attacks’.

To their credit, we have also seen healthcare organizations adopt better security frameworks. But on the whole the healthcare industry still uses frameworks or tools that are not risk-based. Many healthcare organizations are attempting to solve their business’ security problems by throwing technology at them—which never works. When you do this, you are simply more likely to just complicate your business problem with your new technology. So, how can healthcare organizations protect themselves from today's sophisticated threats; read this Whitepaper for the insights.

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