Strategies to Combat New, Innovative Cyber Threats in 2019

We will focus on sharing our predictions for the big new changes we expect to see in cyber attacks and attack patterns in the coming year. Before we dive into those, we will spend a little bit of time focusing on the five newest tactical attacks we expect to see a whole lot more of in 2019. After that, we will look into the big new shifts in targets and attack strategy that will dominate Cyberwarfare over the coming year.

After we review the tactical and strategic threats you will need to look out for next year, We will provide a look at the primary defensive strategies you can deploy to combat tomorrow’ emerging threats.
That being said, while we feel confident that these represent some of the biggest new movements in the cybersecurity landscape in 2019, we also recognize that we are not the only experts here. And that there might be some big, effective attack and defense strategies that did not make it into our presentation.So, I welcome you to please share your own views on what you think will be the key threats in the comments here.

With that being said, let’s get started!