To defeat today’s evolved cyberattacks, enterprises and organizations need more than traditional point solutions. With unknown, high-speed, end-to-end attacks, an integrated approach to cyber protection is mandatory. Anything else results in an incomplete security posture. For instance, firewalls are ineffective in tackling malware and evasive applications. Intrusion prevention systems miss malware and exploits on unexpected or nonstandard ports.

Proxies work at too shallow a level to defend against the tunnels and protocols within protocols used by attackers, while antivirus programs cannot detect new, modified or unknown malware threats. While these conventional defenses have their specific uses, they do not offer the broad coverage that enterprises also need.

Custom Integration and Coverage

Effective cybersecurity starts with the data that the entire organization collects and processes. This data requires management throughout its lifecycle and throughout the user access process (user lifecycle), both inside and outside the organization. When these overall needs have been identified, a strong cyber security strategy can be mapped out:

  • Policies and controls can be created and integrated into business practices and technology.
  • Secure networks and systems can be built and viable business continuity and disaster recovery strategies defined.
  • Effective incident response coordinated as and when needed.

Paladion offers an effective integrated approach to threat management as a trifecta of this data life cycle management, user life cycle management, and advanced threat management.


Data Life Cycle Management (DLM) to Secure Your Internal and Customer Data

From creation, to use and sharing, archiving, and deletion, data life cycle management helps manage the flow of data. Organizations can then track their data accurately through each of these life cycle phases. This management forms the basis on which to build a strategy for the protection of sensitive data and the tactical application of security controls.

In addition, risk is reduced by removing unneeded and expired data, also making data easier to manage and discover. Organizational resources can be used more efficiently, with greater assurance of compliance as access attempts, whether successful or unsuccessful, are tracked. Proliferation of confidential data is avoided and processes are made more robust and secure, preventing data leakage.

Data Classification
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Documents Right Management


Data Leak Prevention
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User Life Cycle Management (ULM) to Secure Access by Internal/External Users

Organizations need to give access to data and applications to those who need them. Yet they must limit that access to authenticated users and then only up to their level of authorization. User life cycle management helps organizations handle the diversity of users and their requirements by managing the identity of each user, together with their individual privileges for each resource.

Through ULM, IT administration gains in efficiency and accuracy in setting the access controls to define which user can access which resource from which location and to which level. Self-service security for users such as password resets improves user satisfaction and reduces help desk costs. The system of record for access changes and approvals helps to reduce security risk and auditing costs.

Privileged Identity Management
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Multi-Factor Authentication


Advanced Threat Management (ATM) to Secure Your Infrastructure and Reputation

To deal with outsider and insider threats, organizations need deep visibility and control of all their infrastructure components. Advanced threat management enhances this visibility and control. It improves the ability of an organization to detect threats before they reach the infrastructure and to respond quickly if attacks have begun.

ATM spots targeted attacks, by correlating threat events across endpoints, email, network, and web traffic. The centralized threat visibility and automatic searching for indicators of compromise allow IT security staff to directly identify and deal with the most critical incidents. Any compromised system can then be quickly isolated from the organizational network.

Security Information and Event Management
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Endpoint Detection and Response
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Web Application Firewall
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Advanced Persistent Threat Solutions
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Why Paladion’s Solution Integration

We provide a long-term information security strategy and plan, with implementation support. We ensure that our customers see the value of our services through the complete utilization of their IT solutions in their environment. We reduce implementation timelines significantly for you through our extensive experience and more than 1,000 use cases for immediate application to speed deployment. Our cyber solution experts work on your attackers and adversaries, determining motives and methods of attack, to help plan and implement the right solutions for attack prevention and detection. Cyber specialists are also available for support on a 24×7 basis, collaborating with your internal team to increase cyber threat awareness and the effectiveness of your cybersecurity responses.

Next Steps


Paladion offers a comprehensive, modular range of cybersecurity services to provide data life cycle management, user life cycle management, and advanced threat management. These three solutions are also available together as a total, integrated package, which can be enhanced further with the addition of Paladion’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service.

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