Security Monitoring Service

Get Real-Time Monitoring of Cyber Threats

Monitor for current cyber threats and protect your network, applications, and users round-the-clock. Get real-time alerting, log management, and compliance ready reporting.

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Paladion’s Security Monitoring Service


Continuously Evolving

Traditional security monitoring services are built to meet compliance requirements, and detect known attacks by using pre-defined rules. This approach cannot detect advanced, sophisticated attacks that are often hidden and bypass such rules. Our Security Monitoring service goes beyond compliance monitoring to build and constantly fine-tune rules for detecting threats and non-compliances. The result: comprehensive, next-generation cyber defense.

We can bring in the best SIEM technologies to collect event logs and security events 24/7. Our teams can also sharpen an existing SIEM you are using.

  • Process your data on leading big data SIEM platforms
  • Continuously update and apply rules to detect and define known attacks
  • Receive actionable alerts and stay focused on the real threats

Big Data SIEM


Custom, Business
Context Use cases

Security monitoring use cases are built after evaluating your organization’s context and unique business risk. Our experts leverage a powerhouse of industry wise use cases and look at asset criticality, usage, connectivity, and user data to create custom use cases. As a result, you receive actionable alerts with lower false positives.

Why Choose Paladion’s Security Monitoring Service?

Detect Your Known Attacks and Compliance Violations at Machine Speed


24/7 Security Monitoring

Our 1000+ cyber experts are spread in every time zone. They monitor your alerts 24/7, apply our evolving rules for detecting threats and non-compliances, and send you actionable alerts.


Extended Security Monitoring

Monitor both hybrid and pure cloud infrastructures. Our proprietary connectors, along with use cases, allow us to detect attacks on cloud consoles, and protects your cloud infrastructure from many forms of deployment, including PaaS and SaaS.


Protect Popular Platforms

Deep connectors and specialized use cases allow detection of new age attacks on cloud apps including Azure and AWS. We provide you with comprehensive cover for Azure and Office 365 components including email, DLP, Sharepoint, Intune, and Dynamics.


Monitor Beyond Compliance

Go beyond basic monitoring that only justifies future audits. Deploy monitoring that is aware of your deeper business risks and the needs of your use cases. Leverage our mechanisms to quickly triage alerts, investigate them, and work on qualified incidents.


Security Monitoring is a part of our Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR). With MDR, you receive more than monitoring for threats. You also receive multi-layer threat detection including threat anticipation and threat hunting. If a threat is dedicated, MDR provides you with alert response, incident response, and breach management. Why stop with Security Monitoring, when you can leverage our full Managed Detection and Response services, that integrates multiple threat detection channels, and provides advanced protection and response?

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