Security as a Service (SECaas)

Businesses often don’t have the resources for cyber protection, but security as a service provides that. Learn more about SECaas and Paladion’s security service

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Security as a Service (SECaas)

Online businesses face a unique challenge when it comes to cyber security. In most cases, these businesses have no physical office to work from, so there isn’t any on-site hardware to manage cyber security. Often, these businesses don’t have the budget to hire analysts and security experts either. But since the business is primarily run through a network or cloud, the possibility for cyber threats is only increasing with the rise of sophisticated attacks and threats. How do these online businesses protect their data and secure information without the hardware? One of the simplest solutions is to use security as a service, or SECaas. But what is security as a service?

Security as a service, or SECaas, allows businesses to outsource its security needs to a provider. The provider will manage security services such as authentication, intrusion detection, antivirus and malware management, and many others. The security services management will all be done off-site with the provider’s hardware and cyber security equipment. Security as a service provides businesses with an effective way to monitor for threats within a network without having to own the tools to perform these services. For those online businesses that don’t have a physical location, security as a service provides the necessary protection that is cheaper than hiring threat detection experts as part of the company.


What is Security as a Service?


MDR for Security as a Service

Security as a service provides useful and necessary protection services. One shortcoming of the service is that while there are alerts for threats, the providers often don’t eradicate the threats completely. Paladion’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) combines the cost-efficient and off-site benefits of security as a service with AI technology and software to anticipate, monitor, manage, and eradicate threats.

 With our tools and hardware, online businesses can find the protection needed without having to purchase the tools, just as with SECaas. But we go further than a traditional SECaas provider. When a threat has been identified, experts perform threat hunting, auto containment, and response orchestration services to eliminate threats from a network. No amount of staff and employees can monitor a network at all times, so we incorporate AI technology to overcome this challenge and provide constant protection. MDR combines the benefits of SECaas with the advanced security protection necessary to secure a network.

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Benefits of MDR for Security as a Service

Security as a service provides businesses without security tools the protection necessary in the modern world, and those benefits only increase when using MDR for security as a service. The benefits include:



Businesses can save money on tools and staff by outsourcing its protection needs to a provider with the hardware and experts. In many cases, it’s cheaper to pay a provider for these services than to buy the tools and hire the staff to perform the same tasks. We provide a full security team for the protection each business needs without extensive costs of hiring staff and purchasing tools.

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Consistent protection

The provider’s databases and protection software will be consistently updated and improved as new technology develops. In addition, we will monitor the network constantly with our innovative AI technology for threats to provide 24/7 protection. A completely man-powered team cannot catch every threat, but AI helps extend our abilities to provide better protection.


Access to security expertise

It can be expensive to hire expert security analysts as part of a staff. But with our MDR for security as a service, we help businesses to have protection and the experts without the significant cost. The experts are the ones managing the network protection, and the business will have access to expert security information for its network.

Why Choose Paladion’s Security as a Service?

Bringing AI, automation, and skilled experts together for rapid response

Breach management service

Security as a service is often the best solution for many online businesses, and MDR only expands the benefits. MDR provides an innovative solution for the problems online and small businesses face.

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