Securing Secure Browsers

What is the need for secure browsers?

Secure Browsers generally safeguard users from web application attacks that can be prevented at the browser level. Our research bypassed the controls implemented by such browsers via techniques like DLL Proxying, DLL Injection, introducing fake processes, and function hooking.

Key Takeaways from the webinar

  1. Learning about the threats at browser level
  2. Attacks on the Secure Browser
  3. How can security of Secure Browsers be further strengthened?

Join this free webinar and understand MITM, MITB & DNS attacks in detail and learn about mitigation that further guards Secure Browsers.


Prashant Verma

Who should attend?

Chief Information Security Officers, Technology Risk and Compliance professionals, and IT Security Managers who are interested in deriving more value from their existing technology by leveraging risk analytics.