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How Will Your Security Perform Under Fire? Find out Today

Don’t wait until a real-world cybercriminal attacks to find the gaps in your security controls. Paladion’s Red Team services let you perform a “live fire” cyber security test to identify (and fix) holes in your defense—before malicious actors exposes them for you.

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Red Team Service
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Test—and Strengthen—Your Security Today

Paladion’s Red Team services will simulate an attack against your network, showing you exactly how your people and security protocols will perform under pressure.

Paladion's Red Team Service


Experience a Real-World Attack, Without Real World Consequences

We will pull no punches, giving you an attack simulation that feels all too real.


Gain Risk-Free Experience Against Next-Generation Threats

Our ethical hackers will attack your network using the same tactics cyber criminals deploy and target the same assets they desire.

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Receive a Fact-Based Analysis of Your Security’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Learn exactly where your defenses stand up, and where they break down during a real attack.

Client Testimonials

  • Network Paladion

    Having grown from a start-up to a mid-market company, our cybersecurity needed to be tightened beyond basic vulnerability checks. Paladion took on the challenge of Red Teaming to find the holes. They did a fantastic job, showing us how to be secure now and into the future. Thanks to Paladion, we’re ready to grow again!

    Paladion USA

    IT Security Director

    Large Healthcare Firm

  • Our company acquired a competitor a few months ago. Their security was an unknown for us. We needed expert penetration testing in a hurry. Paladion came in fast and professionally, uncovering important security gaps that we hadn’t even suspected. They also provided sound advice on plugging the gaps. Highly recommended!

    Paladion MDR


    Leading Financial Institution

Discover and Close Your Security Gaps Now

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Why Choose Paladion's Red Team Service?

Discover Your Security Posture’s Failure Points Before It’s Too Late

Network Security

Learn If You Are Really Ready to Defend Your Network

Let a trusted advisor uncover any weak links in your defense—not a cybercriminal.


Immediately Close Your Security Gaps

After our “attack”, we will give you tactics to cover the security holes we discovered and exploited.

Evolve defenses

Evolve Your Defenses

Our hands-on experience penetrating your defenses will uncover strategic recommendations that will go beyond tactical patches, and help you build a stronger overall security posture.

Security Posture

Improve Your Posture Without Breaking Your Budget

Our Red Team services offer one of the most cost-effective methods to improve your defenses (and are considerably less expensive than suffering a damaging breach).

Anticipate and Adjust Defensive Controls before an
Attack on your Environment

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Paladion MDR USA

Deploy Paladion’s Most Comprehensive Defense Services

Red Team services are just one part of raising an effective defense against modern cyber criminals. Paladion’s Managed Detection and Response (MDR) service provides next-generation defense at every stage of an attack— Left of Hack to Right of HackSM. Leverage our AI-driven MDR program and give your network true comprehensive protection.

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