Pushing The Limits Of Your Blue Team Via Red Team

Vignesh Kannan - Sr. Solution Architect, Paladion

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has increased cybercrimes – both in the number of incidents and its sophistication. Businesses are turning to resilient cyber frameworks that can withstand a dynamic, evolving threat landscape.

Can your defenses stand its ground against a modern cyberattack? How will your people and security protocols perform under a security attack? We tell you how you can find the answers to these questions and more in this webcast.

Discover how to fortify your security using Red Team Vs. Blue Team exercises

What Is the Blue Team?

  • The Blue Team refers to the defenders of your organization. This encompasses:
    • The people
    • The processes
    • The technologies

What is the Red Team?

  • The Red Team attempts to model the tools, techniques, & practices that would be employed by real threat actors like:
    • Hacktivists
    • Criminal organizations
    • State-sponsored attacks
    • Lone-wolf attackers

What You’ll Learn In This Webcast

    • A comparison between Red Teaming and other types of security testing
    • How to discover weaknesses in your development and testing processes
    • The process of measuring Incident Response
    • Responses to simulated attacks
    • Understanding and estimating the impact of a security breach
    • How to improve your blue team’s maturity?

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