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Our PCI compliance consulting service gives you end-to-end support to implement, strengthen, and certify with PCI DSS regulations.


Gain Comprehensive Visibility on Current State

Payment card data permeates your organization. Our service will collect each of your instances of payment card data within your systems, applications, and devices, and provide robust back-end reporting on current state of compliance during implementation and beyond.

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Get Streamlined Processes that Stay Operational

PCI DSS compliance is complicated. We will simplify it for you. Our consulting service follows a simple four-step process to take you to compliance no matter where you start— without heavy involvement from your internal resources.

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Let Our Consultants Take the Helm

You don’t have time to micro-manage your PCI DSS compliance. Let us handle every stage of assessing, implementing, and advising your compliance journey. We will adapt our PCI DSS consulting service to you. No matter your context, we will get you compliant.

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Get Swift Compliance for a Value-Driven Fee

Can you afford to break PCI DSS compliance? Our consulting services make it fast and easy to maintain compliance for a value-driven fee that is aligned with the specific implementation approach, delivery model, and use of proprietary tools and techniques appropriate to your organization.

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Get all the Support You Need

Beyond getting you PCI compliant, we will also give you comprehensive implementation support, quarterly check-ins, Merchant Compliance Programs, and additional services to give you complete security confidence.

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Gain Instant Access to 18 Years of Security Expertise

Gain additional access to our best-in-class security testing, application security testing, and vulnerability assessment services to maintain compliance and truly manage your risk.

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Swiftly Comply to PCI DSS Standards

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Service Features

The PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) is challenging to meet on your own. But you will become PCI compliant within our simple four-phase consulting engagement:


Scope Assessment

We will evaluate your environment, discover hidden payment card data, and create a clear picture of the people, processes, and technology systems you need to secure to achieve PCI DSS compliance.


Gap Analysis

We will tell you where you are currently in violation of PCI DSS, and outline a clear game-plan to get you out of trouble as quickly as possible.


Implementation Support

We will run our plan to get you PCI compliant ASAP, assigning or providing the technical and non-technical resources you require to close your gaps. We will also provide hands-on project management driven by transparent reporting on your progress towards compliance.



Finally, we will guide you through the PCI DSS certification process. We will first perform a pre-audit to ensure you have achieved and maintained full compliance. Then, we will engage a qualified QSA to perform the official audit of your environment, verify your compliance, and provide all documentation proving you meet all standards within the PCI DSS regulation.


As a small business, we don’t have the internal resources we need to figure out our PCI compliance requirements—let alone maintain them. Paladion solves this problem for us. Their staff know our industry’s PCI compliance requirements front and back, and they know exactly what we can and can’t do to stay PCI compliant. They keep us up to date on any changes, and, best of all, they are able to do so within the constraints of our resources. We can’t imagine a more efficient way to stay PCI DSS compliant than having Paladion as our PCI compliance manager.

IT Director,

Leading E-Commerce Store

We’ve tried to get outside help with our PCI compliance before, and it never worked out. None of the vendors we tried really got to know us, and what our specific PCI compliance challenges are. They all treated us like just another cookie-cutter customer to apply generic PCI compliance services to. Not Paladion. They really got to know us, and developed PCI compliance solutions that fit perfectly into our unique business. Paladion has become a true partner, and fully taken over this important part of our day-to-day security PCI compliance operations.


Global Food Chain

PCI DSS fines can cost you $100,000 / Month. Let us keep you PCI compliant. Contact Us Today