RisqVU AVO Case Study

Paladion Ensures High Speed Cyber Vulnerability Response for One of India’s Largest Private Banks

RisqVU Active Vulnerability Orchestrator (RisqVU AVO) met all the criteria the Bank was looking for:

  • Fast and accurate report generation. With RisqVU AVO’s vulnerability repository, centralized reporting, and remediation workflows, users receive actionable reports immediately.
  • Reliable vulnerability identification and trending. With its visualization tools and flexible query builder, RisqVU AVO facilitates the extraction of information from assets for an enhanced security posture.
  • Remediation automation. Via its built-in service desk, RisqVU AVO provides auto-ticketing and auto-closure mechanisms, tracking of vulnerability closure, follow-up notifications and reminders to respective assignees, and an easy-to-follow audit trail of remediation activities using ticket change history data.