Through this case study, you will learn more about the following aspects of mobile security:

  • Data Storage – whether it is encrypted and where it is stored
  • Data flow – where data goes, how it is protected during transfer and who can access it
  • Data Leakage – Detecting through notifications or log files
  • Server-side Management – Ensuring security controls on the server


Is the right level of protection enabled on your mobile application?

Your mobile application could be among the 90% that are able to potentially compromise user data.

Learn what happened when a leading financial institution identified that its mobile app was susceptible to malicious exploitation. More importantly, see how it decided to get professional help to counter the issue.

Armed with a decade and a half of security expertise, we have chosen to deliver beyond what our clients require. This case study will help you understand how we can help you in: profiling threats, secure coding, security testing plans, application architecture and more. Stay informed about how a competitor in your industry is addressing its challenges and weaknesses to get and stay ahead.

While implementing mobile application security solutions can get exhausting, Paladion’s step-by-step holistic approach helped the organization build upon its accomplishments and maximize success. Despite time limitations, we were able to create a personalized solution for the client to benefit from enabling safe, customer-trusted transactions.

This case study will help you discover Paladion as your innovative risk management partner and how it can help you with security solutions that meet your organizational needs and common regulations.

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