Certificate of Compliance


Organization:VietUnion Online Services Corporation

Certificate Scope:Omise Payment Services

Certificate Number:PAL-PCIDSS3.0-SEA-THA-2014-001

Date Certified:28th October 2014

Valid Till:27th October 2015

Version:3.03 (PCI-DSS3 3.0)

Certificate Terms & Conditions

1. This certificate doesn’t guarantee the client’s ability to ensure confidentiality, integrity and/or availability of card holder data. Paladion doesn’t accept any financial and or legal liability on the client’s and/or any third party’s part due to breach of security controls at the Client’s premise and subsequent loss of card holder data.

2. Our opinion on compliance and subsequent issuing of this certificate is based on the documentations and other information made available to us and data collected through physical inspection of the systems, network and applications within the specified scope. Rejection of any conclusions on the client’s ability to securely receive, process, transmit, store and/or destroy Card Holder Information in soft and/or hard form in the future, is subject to the risk that the validity of such conclusions may be altered because of lapses in maintenance of the PCI-DSS compliance, changes to people, infrastructure, systems, network and application.