How AI and Human Intelligence Team Up to Save Businesses from Cybercrime?

The cost of cybercrime will reach USD 6 trillion each year according to research firm Cybersecurity Ventures. Cybercriminals today are using sophisticated ways to attack individuals and organisations. Not content with yesterday’s indiscriminate malware attacks, hackers are doing their own research to pinpoint precise vulnerabilities and exploit them.Read more

Is Artificial Intelligence Increasing Or Decreasing Cybercrime?

When analysing the current threat landscape, it is easy to see how fraught with challenges it is. Traditional, prevention-focused, rule-based security approaches became obsolete a while ago. The IT perimeter itself has become porous. Cybercriminals are using sophisticated, multi-layered attacks to take advantage of this situation. Recent attacks such as WannaCry highlight just how vulnerable the global IT landscape is to advanced threats.Read more

How Artificial Intelligence is Accelerating Cybersecurity?

Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword these days. In this article, we would like to cut through the hype surrounding this term and get to the heart of what AI has to offer in cybersecurity (and what is just hype).

Today’s Evolved Threat Landscape and the Need for AI

To be clear, there is a real need for AI to effectively defend against today’s evolved attacks.

In the past, effective cybersecurity meant analyzing system logs and alerts from IPS/AV products. But today, we have a lot more threat data to analyze. We now must look at network traffic, endpoint internals, application & transaction data, user access data, cloud data, threat intel data, social media data, dark web data… and the list goes on. It would be impossible for any human-only team of cybersecurity experts—no matter how effective they are—to analyze all relevant data to detect and respond to modern cyber threats....Read more

What are the most prevalent threats surrounding the industry today?

We see two big emerging cybersecurity threats right now. Firstly, with the continued digitalisation of the enterprise and cloud adoption, countless new vulnerability points have emerged in every organisation. Additionally, the increasing adoption of IoT will further accelerate this challenge....Read more

Changing Landscape of Security in NBFCs

Anything that is available on the internet or can get connected to it has the risk of getting hacked. To ensure a safe and secure banking experience, the need to have a robust cybersecurity mechanism is vital.

On one hand, the demand for_ digital payments is set to rise, on the other hand, the scare of cyber fraud is also bothering the financial institutions....Read more

What Are the Security Implications for Businesses and Organizations Using the Public Cloud?

But in today’s evolution, one thing is different. The Public Cloud has increased the complexity of cybersecurity—and cyberattacks—so dramatically that few organizations can protect themselves on their own. This is particularly true of small and medium-sized businesses and organizations, who most need to leverage the benefits of the Cloud to compete with enterprises, but lack enterprise-level resources to develop comprehensive security for their Cloud services in-house...Read more

AI Creates New Skills Shortage for CISOs: Study

The cybersecurity skills shortage has long been a problem for CISOs, and a recent report by the Enterprise Strategy Group found this skills shortage is growing. The report found that IT groups have once again stated cybersecurity skills represents the biggest area they experience a problematic skills shortage. Even worse, the percentage of IT groups experiencing this problematic shortage has grown year-over year.New research from the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) provides some distressing news. In 2017 alone, Indian organizations reported 53,000 security incidents, or one new reported security incident every 10 minutes—and these are only those that have been reported...Read more

India Sees One Cyber Security Incident Every 10 Minutes

New research from the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) provides some distressing news. In 2017 alone, Indian organizations reported 53,000 security incidents, or one new reported security incident every 10 minutes—and these are only those that have been reported....Read more

Choose the Right Profession

There are many good reasons why cybersecurity could be the right career move for you. We focus on five here that are likely to have the highest appeal overall: demand, compensation, dynamism, relevance, and career/job security. They are also the most likely to be reflected in this field. Most enterprises are now likely to become tech enterprises...Read more

Paladion Wins Best Managed Detection and Response Service Provider Award

2018 edition of key Middle East security awards acclaims Paladion's AI-driven Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) as an industry-leading solution. Dubai, UAE:  Paladion, a global leader in Managed Detection and Response, today announced that it has been honoured with the ‘Best Managed Detection and Response Service Provider Award’ at the 2018 Future Security Awards ceremony. ..Read more