How Artificial Intelligence is Accelerating Cybersecurity?

Artificial Intelligence is a buzzword these days. In this article, we would like to cut through the hype surrounding this term and get to the heart of what AI has to offer in cybersecurity (and what is just hype).

Today’s Evolved Threat Landscape and the Need for AI

To be clear, there is a real need for AI to effectively defend against today’s evolved attacks.

In the past, effective cybersecurity meant analyzing system logs and alerts from IPS/AV products. But today, we have a lot more threat data to analyze. We now must look at network traffic, endpoint internals, application & transaction data, user access data, cloud data, threat intel data, social media data, dark web data… and the list goes on. It would be impossible for any human-only team of cybersecurity experts—no matter how effective they are—to analyze all relevant data to detect and respond to modern cyber threats....Read more