Combating New Age Threats with AI

Artificial Intelligence is just an emerging technology in the region. How is your MDR service powered by AI reliable to customers? Or how do you see cyber adversaries using AI in cyber-attacks?

While AI may only be an emerging technology in the Middle East, it is a more mature technology in other parts of the world… Read more

Union Budget 2018 Focuses on Digital India, Infrastructure, Health, Employment and Education

Entire excitement came to an end when Union Budget 2018-19 announced by FM last day. Mr. Arun Jaitley, Finance Minister presented budget focused majorly on inclusive growth and tried to push economic growth by making some good announcements.This year’s Budget focused towards Healthcare, Agriculture and growth of SMEs. The government also boosted investment on the growth of Digital India. ICT industry seems quite happy with certain announcements but smartphone and TV players are not seems to be pleased with rise on custom duty…Read more

It’s Time to Rethink Your Security Strategies

Stressing on the importance of response time, Amit Roy, Executive Vice President and Regional Head EMEA, Paladion explains that Dwell Time will become an important factor in days to come. “On average it takes more than 100 days to detect an active advanced threat by enterprises in the region. This delay can be reduced by collecting exhaustive data about their networks, users and applications to deploy intelligent systems to sift through this enormous data,” explains Roy…Read more

AI Will Change the Game for Cybersecurity

At the end of 2017, cybersecurity experts published their predictions for 2018. One big theme repeated in many headlines:

  • Hackers to exploit AI technology for data breaches in 2018— Symantec
  • 2018: The gloves are coming of as cybercriminals leverage AI, profiling— CSO
  • An AI arms race and attacks on cryptocurrency among cyber security predictions for 2018— betanews

These experts predict that AI will change the game for cybersecurity in 2018. But when you evaluate the state of cybersecurity at the end of 2017, you see that the game has already changed, and that in 2018 AI will simply intensify this change…Read more

Wallets, Exchanges May Be Weak Link of Crypto Currencies

Crypto currency — especially the bitcoin — which has seen a huge surge in popularity recently, has invited the attention of hackers. Technically, experts say, the bitcoin protocol is difficult to crack. But if hackers find a way in, the experts say would mar the image of crypto currencies, whose USP is safety. Bugs in the wallets, traditional techniques that can lower the defences of your devices, and vulnerabilities in the crypto market-places are what hackers are looking for to target the users…Read more

“SMEs Today Cannot Afford to Turn a Blind Eye to Current Cyber Threats”

SMEs are growing at a good space in India currently but securing their digital assets remains bigger challenge for them. After rise in recent cyber-attacks, companies are increasing their security budgets to invest in deploying secured solutions. Paladion Networks is one of the market players that provide security solutions. Mr. Sunil Gupta, President and Chief Operating Officer at Paladion Networks talks with DT about the cybersecurity market and their initiatives to keep SMEs secure from cyber threats…Read more

Multi-Source Security Analytics on AI- Your Solution to the Modern Cyber Threat Landscape

The threat landscape has changed. Organizations have more vulnerability points than ever—and these will only grow as organizations increasingly embrace the cloud, mobile, and the IoT. Cybercriminals now exploit this wealth of vulnerability points through sophisticated, high-volume, multi-dimensional attacks that produce a flood of threat data. Every day, organizations can face thousands of alerts, and find themselves forced to analyze hundreds of thousands of potentially malicious files…Read more

Meltdown and Spectre to Have Substantial Impact

Security MEA speaks with Sunil Bhide, Vice President and Business Head – SOC at Paladion about the latest discovery of flaws in the world of processors that can have a substantial impact.

What has been the extent of impact of the Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws?

The recently discovered Meltdown and Spectre CPU flaws identifies security risks found in processors designed by Intel, AMD and ARM…Read more