How to ensure security for Internet of Things (IoT) devices

Internet of Things is a revolution that has suddenly captured our imagination. As a technology, IoT is unique since it has a role to play in consumer, enterprise and industrial worlds. At the consumer level, the adoption of IoT for areas including home monitoring & control, wearable tech, and connected cars has already started. At the enterprise level building management, fleet management, hospital management, retail, telecom, and energy sectors are already adopting it for various benefits…Read more

Taking Cyber Security to Qatar

Paladion in co-operation with Kaspersky will host a cyber security conference in Doha, Qatar on 17th February 2016.This event will be targeted at CIO’s, CISO’s, IT heads and senior management executives from large private and government enterprises across the country. A focal point of the conference will be Paladion’s unique cyber security framework CyberActive, an active cyber defense model that embeds robust protection in every fragment and continuously integrates threat intelligence for proactive mitigation of threats…Read more

What’s New in Security to Counter Evolving Cybercrime

The world, it was once said, is shrinking. This statement is profoundly out of place in the present day and age. Aided by the spectacular rise of the digital medium, today’s world has already shrunk enough to fit into our palms. Owing to the evolution of technologies such as cloud-based infrastructure, better bandwidth connectivity and improved wireless networking, there is no task – be it professional, personal or social – left untouched by this changing tide…Read more

Paladion Networks aims to expand its Channel to increase market reach

Paladion is a specialized partner for information risk management, assisting its partners to improve their business operations by leveraging its industry-wide experience, expertise in cutting-edge technology and an extensive portfolio of services. Paladion is a robust managed security service provider, with over a decade of experience, trusted by organizations from around the globe from Asia to the US to EMEA…Read more

As BYOD becomes common, the importance of Internet Security

Today’s workforce is reliant on computers, laptops and smartphones as the infrastructural extensions of an organization. These devices, endowed with the power of the internet, carry important documents and passwords that form a virtual identity for organizations, especially with BYOD policies becoming a trend. Therefore, it is essential organizations ensure that they have the best of internet security to guarantee that their identity is not compromised or important data lost…Read more

Industry Reaction on Digital India Week

There is widespread misconception that prioritizing web security is only a relevant concern for large corporations that operate in the public eye, and this leads many businesses to under appreciate the importance of investing in strong cyber protection…Read more

Global Expansion: Opportunities in the U.S for Indian Companies

Brickwork India, the India representative of Fairfax County Economic Development Authority (FCEDA) organized the seminar on Global Expansion in Bangalore on July 23rd 2015. The seminar, conducted with the Indo-American Chamber of Commerce (IACC), highlighted the business opportunities in Fairfax County, Virginia – just outside Washington, DC – for Indian firms with IT services and solutions for the Cloud Computing, Big Data Analytics and Defence and Aerospace domains…Read more

Quote on Digital India Campaign by Mr. Rajat Mohanty, CEO & Co-Founder, Paladion Networks

It is very encouraging to see cyber security being given emphasis in the Digital India Campaign. India has a lot of talent and there are many entrepreneurs brimming with ideas on information security. The Digital India Campaign will give a boost to the Make In India Cyber Security Market…Read more

Third edition of Gisec to launch Safe Cities Briefing Day

Safe Cities Briefing Day is a platform designed for the Middle East’s senior public sector officials to discuss ways of securing smart and connected cities using innovative technologies…Read more

Five things to consider before implementing SOC

With businesses growing significantly fast in today’s marketplace, the ability to monitor risks, whether for compliance purposes or security purposes, is critical. When an organization is small, information is safe and secure because there is a limited set of people who may access it…Read more

Is SIEM really a white elephant?

In many organisations today, a Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) solution is like a “white elephant,” expensive to maintain and adding very little value to the overall security posture of the organization…Read more