SMEs are sitting ducks for Cyber-Attackers

Cyberattacks are increasing both in terms of the number of attacks and sophistication such as the targeted attacks, ransomwares and advanced persistent threats. While the attacks and data breaches at large enterprises such as Sony or Target are highly publicised and get media attention, it does not mean that SMEs are not vulnerable to cyber attacks…Read more

Understanding Risks and Securing an IoT Environment

IOT is a revolution in the making. It is possibly the only technology that has enterprise, consumer, and industrial use cases. The industrial use cases are also called Operational Technology or Industrial Internet of Things…Read more

GCC cyber security market estimated to reach $10.41b

The GCC cyber security market is estimated to grow over $10.41 billion by the end of 2022. Currently, cyber security solutions are acquiring a major share of the market because of an increase in the internet users in the GCC region with current estimation being approximately 40 million…Read more

Everything you wanted to know about Ransomware

Ransomware, as the name suggests, is a type of malware that encrypts data on your system and demands ransom for decrypting it. Advanced 128 to 256–bit encryption algorithms are used to encrypt data. In most cases, decryption without the key is not possible. Affected parties are paying up – data for such organizations and individuals is very valuable and losing it is not an option. The concept of extracting money from affected people / organizations has worked as data is important and is a lifeline…Read more

We focus a lot in knowledge transfer to our channel partners

The major security trends will be around securing data with increased cloud adoption by enterprises and securing users who are increasingly mobile. Advanced malware and ransomware will continue to be main threat vector. For large enterprises, the use of big data security analytics to detect targeted attacks will become a necessity given the recent spate of breaches…Read more

Cyber attack attribution: Strategies and tools for business organizations

Attack Attribution is all about finding out the entity that has successfully breached your cyber defences. This is an important consideration for forensic investigators, intelligence analysts, and national security officials. However, for most business organizations identifying the actual attacker may not be that critical. The idea here is: this is detective work meant more for cybercrime sleuths as part of their forensic analysis…Read more

Ransomware attacks to escalate in 2016

Ransomware attacks have been the biggest pain point for enterprises. They have become a scourge for consumers, businesses and government institutions. According to a report by Trend Micro, India had been the victim of the highest number of ransomware infections during the second quarter of 2015. India’s position had risen from the eighth to number one…Read more

Is your mobile application secure and enabled with right level of protection?

As financial institutions capitalize on new opportunities by providing online services, they continuously face security breaches. Let’s out out how a bank showed 50% reduction in security issues in the subsequent mobile applications and how these mobile applications were benchmarked against global and RBI security standards…Read more

Security aspects to keep in mind while embarking on a cloud journey

Today, a data breach is a pain in the derriere for many enterprises. When a breach occurs, it is a nerve-wracking situation–typically an all-hands-on-deck moment. For instance, an attacker managing to corrupt data on the cloud could potentially cause colossal damage…Read more

The next step for information risk management

SME owners along with CEOs of large enterprises today are losing sleep over information security concerns, despite investing heavily on technology to ensure better business performance. However, these technology investments are being made in the interest of innovating and accelerating the impact of technology for their customers rather than to protect the data itself…Read more

Budget 2016: What the Indian IT industry says

It is a comprehensive budget covering various sectors and is focused on growth. With regards to IT sector to be more specific, few positive aspects are – thrive on innovation and patents from India, extension of SEZ deduction, increased focus on digital initiatives spend including rural areas are few things to mention…Read more