Cyber Threats Are the Biggest Risks to Business Operations

Digital technologies have unlocked unprecedented avenues in the current market landscape for businesses. Today, it is as easy for a business to tap customers in its neighborhood as doing so on the other side of the globe. But this change and blurring of global boundaries has come with its own expense; a threat that leaves all businesses exposed to wide-ranging digital implications round the clock, throughout the year…Read more


The Middle East and Africa did remain relatively unscathed in the recent ransomware attacks, with only a few isolated cases reported across the region. But that doesn’t mean the region is invulnerable to such attacks. The recent wave of ransomware is just another example of attackers upping their ante to target critical infrastructure. It’s an unfortunate but crucial wake-up call for organisations and governments around the world to stay vigilant about data security…Read more

Accelerate the Security ‘Speedometer’

According to Amit Roy, EVP and regional head for EMEA at Paladion, the company shifted its gear to focus on ‘Speed’ as the new paradigm for security, given the fact that the threat landscape are evolving organically and it is not about if an organization will get breached or not but about how speedily can the organizations detect a threat and mitigate it…Read more

Updating a Defense Classic for Machine-Speed Cyber Protection

Effective cyber defense today needs lightning fast intelligence and rapid remediation. Attackers are now much faster and smarter than before. Enterprises can no longer take months, weeks, or even days to understand if attacks are in progress and what to do about them. It may be surprising therefore to know that a classic military concept from the last century is still an excellent basis for next generation cyber protection…Read more

Cyberweapon disguised as ransomware: How NotPetya could lead to war

“If the operation could be linked to an ongoing international armed conflict, then law of armed conflict would apply, at least to the extent that injury or physical damage was caused by it, and with respect to possible direct participation in hostilities by civilian hackers, but so far there are reports of neither,” said Tomáš Minárik, researcher at NATO CCD COE Law Branch…Read more

Tackling Petya ransomware cyberattack: ‘Be cautious of suspicious mails, update softwares to combat threat’

The second global scale malware attack in two months — Petya — that has crippled some of the largest corporations in the world is being pegged to be based on the same government surveillance tool, which was at the heart of its predecessor Wannacry that affected nearly 3,00,000 systems globally, including several in India. While Petya’s impact so far has been limited in India when compared with countries like Ukraine, Russia, and the US, experts suggest that what started with Wannacry could be used as an effective model by cyber-criminals going ahead…Read more

India among top 10 victims of Petya ransomware attack

The worst fears of cyber experts have come true with the Petya ransomware attack rattling several countries, including India. Though experts and governments are yet to compile a list of attacks, internet security solutions firm Symantec has ranked India seventh in terms of number of victims…Read more

Paladion Launches SOC book for Enterprises to Counter Data Breaches

The recent cases of cybersecurity breaches and escalation in the number of computer malware attacks have raised a concern among customers and enterprises who deal with IoT devices. There is need to adopt a proper cybersecurity strategy on the part of businesses to safeguard their data from such malicious practices. Thus, a robust cybersecurity strategy today has become a “must-have” commodity…Read more

Paladion Recognized as a Representative Vendor in Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for Managed Detection and Response

Paladion offers CyberActive MDR service from its SOCs using their proprietary Big Data security analytics and orchestration platform for advanced threat detection and response…Read more

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Independent Report Recognizes Paladion as an MSSP that Specializes in Advanced [Security] Analytics and Automation.

Paladion—a global cyber defence company that provides managed detection and response services, DevOps security, Cyber Forensics, and Professional Services—today announced its placement in Forrester’s April 2017 report, Vendor Landscape: Global Managed Security Services…Read more

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