12 Tips To Help Shift Your Business To Data-Centric Cybersecurity

As businesses handle larger and larger volumes of sensitive data, more information is being stored in the cloud or via email. Securing physical data centers isn’t always enough to keep this data safe, so many businesses are turning their focus toward a data-centric cybersecurity approach.Read more

Why DevOps Is An Attractive Target For Cybercrime Syndicates

Late in the month of September 2019, Avast detected an intrusion into its network through a temporary VPN profile. It is believed that this was an attempt to use malware to infect the CCleaner software owned by Avast. CCleaner is a utility that organizations use to optimize and speed up PCsRead more

Why cybersecurity needs both AI and human intelligence?

Artificial Intellegence allows different approach. One that combines speed with systematic checking not just outliers, but also trends, Connections, and probable threats. Get the full story on page 32-33Read more

Preparing Your Mid-Market Business For Cyberattacks?

Midsize organizations are relatively easy targets. Like enterprises, they are rapidly evolving. They have adopted the cloud and development and operations teams, and they have digitized all their valuable assets.Read more

Using the potential of the cloud to drive cloud security

That’s a lot to keep tabs on – not only for costs and management, but also for security. To make things more complicated, cloud computing is dynamic. It’s one of its big attractions, allowing enterprises to pay only for what they need, when they need it. It’s also a sizable security challenge with workloads being spun up or down by any employee with a credit card to pay for the cloud services.Read more

Is Artificial Intelligence Increasing Or Decreasing Cybercrime?

When analysing the current threat landscape, it is easy to see how fraught with challenges it is. Traditional, prevention-focused, rule-based security approaches became obsolete a while ago. The IT perimeter itself has become porous. Cybercriminals are using sophisticated, multi-layered attacks to take advantage of this situation. Read more

How AI and Human Intelligence Team Up to Save Businesses from Cybercrime?

Traditional cybersecurity systems can still do a sizable part of the work and should be considered in any cybersecurity plan. However, they are often limited to applying pre-defined rules to detect cyberthreats. They may fail to detect malware that morphs. They may miss hackers manoeuvring in enterprise systems to prepare for data exfiltration.Read more

2018: The year in cyber attacks

Although devoid of the headline-grabbing cyber attacks of 2017, this year has been no less impactful

Defenders can use AI to better harden their environments from attacks, Love observes. For example, AI-powered systems could launch a series of simulated attacks on an enterprise network over time in the hope that an attack iteration will stumble across a vulnerability that can be closed before it’s discovered by attackers.Read more

How Multi-Source Security Analytics Creates a Paradigm Shift in Enterprise Cyber Security

More and more enterprises are moving their systems and data to the Cloud and IoT to better manage their data, and to improve efficiency across various processes. However, this also expands the enterprise network perimeter beyond a physical IT infrastructure, increasing the surface area that needs to be protected against cyber security threats and potential breaches.Read more

AI Driven Cyber Security- The Biggest Weapon for CSOs in the Era

With AI constantly evolving and acquiring advanced deep learning capabilities, machines are becoming increasingly adept at learning how to recognise patterns and create models to help them perform a diverse range of tasks.

While it has several potential use-cases in enterprises, one of its most crucial applications has emerged in the realm of IT and cyber security. AI has the ability to not only add value to an organisation’s operations, but also significantly augment human functions pertaining to threat monitoring, detection, and response.Read more