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Paladion’s network security audit puts your organization on the road to excellent security by thoroughly analyzing the security threats you face and exploring suitable countermeasures.

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In-Depth Examination Tailored to Your Situation

We factor in the specifics of your IT infrastructure and processes to determine where your current network setup is secure and where it should be modified or upgraded. We define the scope of the audit with you, including hardware, software, and participants, and deliver the full audit report to you to the agreed timeline.

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Prevention Where Possible

Your top-quality network security audit by Paladion professionals is best done before accident or breaches happen. By detecting vulnerabilities, updating infrastructure inventory, and checking for access rights and policy violation, we help you stay safe.

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Cure Where Necessary

Older, more vulnerable networks and leaks or breaches that you have already suffered are also vital reasons for a meticulous and effective network security audit. Our process and goal driven approach lets us quickly assess what needs to be done and help you plan accordingly.

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Client Testimonials

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    Nothing beats the peace of mind we got from our network security audit done by Paladion. The Paladion engineers scrutinized all our hardware and software. They identified the weaknesses and gave us workable suggestions about fixing them. They really know their stuff and provided us with the crucial extra expertise we needed to keep our network secure.

    Network Manager

    Major Utility Company

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    We were worried about the state of our network and wanted professional advice. Luckily, we chose Paladion to come in for a network security audit. The Paladion team gave us a complete report fast. We were able to plug some critical gaps in our security before hackers found them, and then make the other corrections to significantly improve our network security posture.


    International Logistics Company

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    Great work from Paladion staff on helping us ramp up our network protection! They spotted things we had missed, covered all the critical areas, and showed us smart ways to improve. Friendly, efficient, and proficient! We’ll be asking them to come back again regularly, so that we know we’re doing all we can to stop breaches and stay safe.

    Security Director

    Healthcare Network

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