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Penetration Testing

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We help protect your network by thinking like attackers – leaving no stones unturned, finding vulnerabilities in your defenses, and then working with you to close them.

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Penetration testing, or pen testing, is where a security expert or cyber security provider performs an authorized and safe cyber attack on systems to exploit any system vulnerabilities and find points of access for attacks.

Security penetration testing can also test how strong the current protections against attacks are. Once the provider finds vulnerabilities, the company and the security experts can work together to prepare the systems for any future and potentially harmful attacks.

Once the provider finds vulnerabilities, the company and the security experts can work together to prepare the systems for any future and potentially harmful attacks.


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What is Penetration Testing?


Benefits of Penetration Testing

Penetration testing allows you to find the vulnerabilities in your systems and better prepare for cyber attacks. Some benefits of security penetration testing include:

  • Preserving company image and with customers by helping you avoiding data leaks and other harmful attacks.
  • Determining if a network meets regulations to avoid potential fines.
  • Saving the time and money that data breaches will cost a company.
  • Prioritizing the vulnerabilities. There may be many vulnerabilities, and penetration testing can determine which ones should be managed first.

Penetration testing can benefit an enterprise and prevent cyber attacks and data breaches without having to hire an in-house team of security experts.

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Penetration testing is almost always beneficial, but there are specific instances where it is more necessary to perform the tests: 

  • When new applications are added to the network it can result in new potential vulnerabilities, so it is important to test those as soon as possible. 
  • After significant upgrades to the systems or software. Any major software update can lead to potential gaps.
  • At a new office location. If a company moves offices or adds an additional location, there are new potential threats to the hardware and systems that can be addressed by pen testing.

Penetration testing provides enterprises with countless cyber security benefits. The key is to use the right penetration testing tools. Our penetration testing tools at Paladion go beyond typical security scans to find deeper vulnerabilities. which allows us to fully protect your systems. To get the most out of your penetration testing, use our expert network pen testing to protect your network and systems.

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When to Perform Penetration Testing?


Industry-Leading Expertise

Network security is in our DNA. It’s an area in which we excel and for which we have some of the most highly rated red teaming experts and penetration testers in the world. We know what it takes to make and break network security at all levels, and we put that deep expertise to work for you.

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Totally Ethical and Extremely Effective

Our penetration testing uses ethical hacking and controlled exploits to identify weaknesses in your network. Our trained penetration testers ensure there is no disruption to your operations and your enterprise, while giving you an accurate picture of your defense strengths and weaknesses.

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Beyond Vulnerability Scans

A vulnerability scan detects patterns and signatures that match pre-defined rules. However, it cannot understand critical business functions, important security controls, or hacker mentalities. Rely on Paladion’s expert penetration testing instead to give you the full picture.

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Client Testimonials

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    Having grown from a start-up to a mid-market company, our cybersecurity needed to be tightened beyond basic vulnerability checks. Paladion took on the challenge of penetration testing to find the holes. They did a fantastic job, showing us how to be secure now and into the future. Thanks to Paladion, we’re ready to grow again!

    IT Security Director

    Large Healthcare Firm

  • Active-Discovery-Ch-1-120x120.png

    Our company acquired a competitor a few months ago. Their security was an unknown for us. We needed expert penetration testing in a hurry. Paladion came in fast and professionally, uncovering important security gaps that we hadn’t even suspected. They also provided sound advice on plugging the gaps. Highly recommended!


    Leading Financial Institution

  • Active-Discovery-Ch-1-120x120.png

    Smart, capable people, great support, and a very thorough and effective penetration testing service. We feel we got good value for money by hiring Paladion’s security testing services. Not only did we gain in cyber protection, but we also impressed several of our accounts when we told them we’d had our pen testing done by Paladion.

    IT Security Head

    IT Consulting Company

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