Executive Summary

For suitable cyber-protection, enterprises must know how to choose between a Managed Security Services Provider (MSSP) or Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider.

MSSPs and MDR providers offer different approaches to cyber defense. However, these labels do not tell the whole story and new service models are emerging. An enterprise must know how to compare specific capabilities of providers according to its business needs.

New models of Managed Detection and Response offer extended security services for enterprises and organizations.

This white paper positions MSSPs versus MDR providers, describes the new generation of MDR services, and explains how enterprises can make suitable choices.

Key points in the white paper:

  • Evolving Enterprise Needs
  • What MSSPs Do and Do Not Do
  • Where MDR Comes from and What It Does
  • New Generation MDR 2.0
  • Key Points for Making a Choice

Read on for a brief overview of MSSP vs. MDR and information on how Paladion can help organizations protect against threats.

What Is MSSP and What Is MDR?

What is MSSP or a Managed Security Services Provider? Companies often face increased threats to their networks and servers, and they often don’t have enough support within the company for a timely response. In these cases, the company will often outsource its security monitoring to a managed security services or  MSSP company. The MSSP will bring in their resources and technology to monitor a businesses IT environment for threats round the clock. 

What is MDR? MDR is a cyber security service that is a combination of technology and skills to deliver advanced threat detection, deep threat analytics, and collaborative incident response. An MDR provider will use advanced machine learning technology and artificial intelligence technology to detect and eliminate threats.


When it comes to MSSP vs. MDR, it’s important to consider your unique needs. There are fundamental differences between the two services. This whitepaper will explain those differences in some detail. 

Paladion provides both MSSP security and advanced MDR to help organizations combat modern threats. Your Paladion Solution expert will be able to recommend which one is good fit for your organization.

Download the Whitepaper