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Managed Detection & Response for Office 365

Protect every asset, process, and user in your O365 deployment

Secure Your Cloud-Based Infrastructure: Without Hiring Extra Staff

Office 365 provides the fundamental creation, communication, and collaboration tools your employees need to do their job.

But these tools also concentrate your most valuable assets, processes, and usersinto a single platform. And Office 365’s Shared Responsibility Model makes it your job to keep your platform secure. Microsoft primarily takes responsible for maintaining the physical security of your data stored in their servers, but places partial responsibility for every other security task in your hands. Most organizations don’t understand the full extent of their responsibility to secure their Office 365 deployment, and unknowingly leave their critical data unmonitored and undefended.

Launch our MDR for Office 365 service and let us manage every security activity Microsoft has placed on your shoulders.

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The Elegant Answer to Your O365 Security Problem

Managing your O365 security controls can feel like a full-time job, added to your already full plate of routine security tasks. Let us manage your O365 security for you, so you won’t have to worry about compromising your organization’s most critical platform. Our MDR for Office 365 service will give you:


Hands-off Management of Your O365 Security

We will configure, monitor, and manage the many internal security controls within your O365 configuration. Through these controls, we will take care of your data governance, threat management, service assurance, search & investigations, as well as the relevant compliance activities required to stay on the right side of your industry’s regulators.

Gain full visibility into O365 app usage, control and protect your critical data as it moves between and operates within your O365 cloud applications, and enforce company policies to defend against internal and external threats.


Complete Office 365 Cloud App Security


Multi-tiered Threat Management

Let us safeguard your organization from inappropriate data access and loss, filter malware and spam from your inboxes, and apply advanced threat intelligence within your O365 deployment, allowing you to map, remediate, and prevent threats that move through your Office 365 assets, processes, and users.

The Heart of Our Office 365 Protection

When you sign up for our Office 365 security program, you receive two primaryservices.

First, the hands-off management of the many specific security controls that Microsoft has built into Office 365, and expects you or your security provider to appropriately configure and govern (Discussed above).

Second, a specialized deployment of our signature AI-driven MDR program, tailored to the unique requirements of securing O365-based infrastructures.

This combination provides you with:


Round-the-clock expertise

We employ over 1,000 security experts, located in every time zone, to give you both virtual and on-premise SMEs, 24x7x365.


Simplified security visibility.

We condense O365’s complex security management into a single dashboard for you to monitor.


AI-driven automated defences

Our proprietary AI platform automates many security tasks, allowing us to perform complex detection, containment, and remediation within your O365 platform without waiting for human intervention.


Protection that extends well beyond Microsoft’s assistance.

O365’s built-in security features for your Office 365assets, processes, and users is simply not enough.

Let our AI-driven MDR for Office 365servicebecome your all-in-one enhanced security centre for all of your O365 activities. Contact us today to gain a single solution that will protect all of your assets, processes, and users.

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