This high-tech manufacturer with 40+ global locations recently migrated to the Cloud for log management, while deploying multiple next-generation technologies (including EDR). This increased their vulnerability to sophisticated attacks. They sought a proven next-generation managed security provider to handle their complex security needs, and protect them from advanced cyber-threats 24/7.

Challenge: Their adoption of the cloud and EDR increased their network complexity and threat landscape, making them susceptible to sophisticated cyber threats.

Solution: They contracted Paladion to provide 24/7 managed detection and response to continuously monitor their vulnerability points, hunt for threats within their network, and respond to incidents swiftly.

Results: By partnering with Paladion, this US Based Manufacturing company now:

  • Prevents new malicious attacks via threat anticipation.
  • Monitors, hunts, and responds to threats across all networks, users, and endpoints.

Download the Full Case Study for a complete account of the implementation

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