This bank faced advanced cyber threats and sophisticated online attacks. It needed to accelerate and improve threat detection, visibility, and response. The existing solution based on older technology lacked the cyber security governance framework and advanced capabilities to effectively recognize and combat new generations of threats.

Challenge: The bank wanted to solve three main challenges of acquiring deeper threat detection capability, improved threat visibility, and faster incident response across its global network.

Solution: The bank chose Paladion’s AI-Driven MDR offering for its security analytics and machine learning driven approach. Paladion’s MDR is aligned with Gartner’s framework for Managed Detection Response and offers advanced threat hunting and incident response skills.

Results: By partnering with Paladion, this global bank:

  • Validated alerts in seconds instead of hours
  • Reduced its incident analysis effort by 50%
  • Achieved near real-time detection of advanced security threats
  • Reduced incident response time from days down to minutes.

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