Managed Security Services Providers

Security monitoring-you know you need to do it, but you don’t have the time. Managed security services can handle your network security for you. Learn more about Paladion’s advanced security monitoring

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Managed Security Services Providers

Your IT security services may not be enough. Threats are becoming more sophisticated and frequent, and cybersecurity is becoming more important-and more challenging to handle on your own. Managed security services and managed network security monitoring give you a time-efficient and economical solution to:

  • Identify threats…

  • Deploy rapid response…

  • And protect your network to secure your data.




How to Choose the Right MSSP to Meet Your Unique Needs

Your company is unique. You have a specific set of security needs. You cannot protect yourself with a cookie-cutter MSSP. You need a security partner who can give you:


Threat Detection

The right managed security service will be able to detect the exact potential and current threats that you are most vulnerable to,


Threat Response

The right MSSPs will detect your compromised data or cloud resources in near-real-time— and rapidly respond with the right solutions.


Cybersecurity Tools

The right managed security service will be able to detect the exact potential and current threats that you are most vulnerable to,


A Proven Reputation

The right MSSP will have a proven track record for protecting the data, cloud deployments, and network of companies like yours.  


Why Most MSSPs Can’t Give You Total Security

Most MSSPs fall into one of two categories. They are either legacy providers who have not meaningfully upgraded their security capabilities, or they are new companies that are just trying to take advantage of the growing buzz around managed security services. Neither of these companies can effectively protect your data. We designed Paladion to offer a proven solution that gives you more than a traditional MSS; we use AI-driven Managed Detection and Response (MDR) to extend traditional managed security services to deploying cutting-edge techniques to protect your data, cloud, and network.

At Paladion, we provide all the traditional services of an MSSP, and then we add on next-generation services like threat hunting to protect your network, data, and cloud from modern threats. Our complete, AI-driven managed security services include advanced security outcomes like:

  • Rapid Threat Detection
  • Continuous Network Security Monitoring,
  • Bespoke Cybersecurity that Adapts to Your Unique Security Challenges.

We deliver these outcomes through flexible engagement models that will increase your cybersecurity capabilities while reducing your cybersecurity costs. We do everything we can to upgrade your existing security capabilities without forcing you to completely change the operations you have already developed.

We do this by tailoring our services to fit hand-in-glove with your existing security capabilities: 

  • If you have a strong internal security team, then we will simply fill the gaps in the skills, tools, and capabilities that are not cost-effective for them to further develop on their own.
  • If you lack a strong internal security team, then we will embed our security experts and analysts into your day-to-day functions so you can protect your data without hiring new staff.

No matter your context— We will integrate our managed security services into your existing security and give you a complete cybersecurity capability that you will not need to manage.


Gain More Than Just MSS Solutions with Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Why You Should Choose MDR for Your MSS

Managed security services only give you the foundation of a strong security system. We give you that foundation, and then take you to the next level through our innovative Managed Detection and Response security services. When you upgrade your security with Paladion, you will experience:

Cost-Efficient Security


We will give you the results you expect from managed security services and add on threat detection, eradication, and protection through our next-generation MDR program. We will give you network security monitoring, cyber security threat eradication tools, and complete network security.

Constant Protection


Cybersecurity is never “done”. Every time you block one attack, there are 10 more attacks waiting to strike. We give you 24/7/365 protection through our complete, constant security monitoring program. Our managed security services and incident intelligence will just give more than just security monitoring— they will respond to and resolve every threat we find in near-real-time.

Immediate Access to a Complete Security Team


Unlike most managed security service providers, we will do more than just alert you when we find a problem, and then

Breach management service

tell your in-house team to solve it. We give you immediate access to a complete security team including the latest security intelligence and incident resolution capability to find and fix threats before they spread. We give you complete managed security services and capabilities in just 60-90 days - even if you currently have no in-house security team or tools - in a fully-managed, cost-effective manner.

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