Managed Network Detection and Response

Rapidly Uncover and Eliminate
Threats in Every Channel
of Your Network

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If an attacker gains a foothold in your network, they can dwell, hidden, for months. During this time, they will expand their presence, compromise your systems, and move closer to their ultimate objective. Deploy network detection and response to uncover and eliminate hidden threats before a catastrophic breach.

How Paladion’s Managed Network Detection and Response Works

Paladion’s Managed Network Detection and Response service continuously monitors your networks for hidden, unknown threats using a big data network threat analytics platform and skilled threat hunters. Our service analyzes threat data from multiple vectors, and correlates anomalies across data pools to identify today’s complex, multi-channel attacks. Once a threat has been identified our incident responders coordinate the appropriate response to remediate the incident in near-real-time using our supervised response automation platform.


Identify & eliminate APTs, blended, targeted, and zero-day attacks


Protect your most vulnerable network openings and attacks channels


Prioritize threats and focus on eliminating the threats that matter most

What You Get with Paladion’s Managed Network
Detection and Response

Paladion’s Managed Network Detection and Response protects you from threats
traditional security controls miss:


Uncover Threats Currently Hiding Within Your Network

If you have relied on traditional security measures, it is likely your network is already compromised. Our network analytics will be able to identify these hidden threats currently working within your network and remove them before a catastrophic breach.


Defend Against Targeted Attacks

Many modern threats come from complex, custom-designed attacks unique to your organization. They cannot be identified by applying generic rules to your detection efforts. Our analytics and expert threat hunters identify these threats by correlating unique anomalies within your network.


Reduce Dwell Time and Eliminate Threats in Real Time

The longer an attacker dwells in your network, the more damage they can do. Unfortunately, the average dwell time for a threat remains over 90 days. By proactively monitoring your network 24x7x365, we are able to identify threats in near-real time, and immediately remove them from your network.

Anticipate and Adjust Defensive Controls before an
Attack on your Environment

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Paladion’s Managed Network Detection and Response offering is part of our Managed Detection & Response (MDR) service—an essential component of modern cybersecurity defense.

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