Get High Speed Cyber Defense
with AI Driven MDR

Paladion’s Managed Detection and Response Service (MDR) leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques and machine learning to provide high speed cyber defense

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Traditionally, Cyber defense has been at a disadvantage- attackers needed to succeed just once while defenders had to protect a large, ever-expanding attack surface 24×7. No amount of people can mine through all your security and IT data to detect modern threats, and respond quickly to contain attacks. Paladion’s MDR overcomes this disadvantage by combining AI and automation with people skills to deliver end to end threat management.


Paladion’s Managed Detection and Response Service Provides


Threat Anticipation

Cybercriminals create new attack tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) every day. Our Threat intelligence platform automates collection, analysis, and correlation of global threat data that includes latest attacker TTPs. Our security researchers apply this threat intel in your context to anticipate threats and continuously evolve your defenses.

  • Collect continuous data on new attack TTPs
  • Determine threats that might impact your business
  • Ensure protection within hours—not days—of new, successful attacks happening in your industry
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Stealth attacks can hide for over a year before triggering an alert. With Paladion’s Managed Detection and Response Service, you can hunt down attack campaigns in your network before it results in a breach.

  • Analyze data from your entire IT stack and not just security data
  • Detect suspicious and anomalous activities with machine learning models for end point threat analytics, network threat analytics, user behavior analytics, and application threat analytics
  • Uncover attacks and attackers with specialized threat hunting teams
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Threat Hunting


Security Monitoring

The more complex your network—across internal and cloud infrastructure—the more vulnerability points you create. We provide full visibility, monitoring, and alerting across your networks.

  • Monitor and protect your systems 24/7 from known and current attacks
  • Detect compliance violations and policy changes in your systems
  • Get continuous visibility into threat and risk posture across systems
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While organizations face a deluge of alerts, very few alerts are incidents. Our Incident analysis service uses machine learning to quickly triage alerts, and applies forensic automation to determine if there is an incident. Our expert investigators conduct deeper analysis on these incidents to provide actionable remediation steps.

  • Utilize a data-driven approach to triage alerts
  • Quickly investigate for impact, attacker attributes, and the entire attack chain
  • Shorten the time from alert notification to response activation
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Incident Analysis


Incident Remediation

Our incident responders collaborate with distributed teams to contain, mitigate, and recover from an incident. Our teams leverage our supervised machine learning algorithms for automating basic remediation steps, and a response orchestration platform that is used to swiftly collaborate with you on key decisions.

  • Contain attacks in minutes, not days
  • Orchestrate your security response
  • Evolve your organization’s unique defenses
  • Shore up defense against similar attacks in the future
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Our focus here is on quickly containing the breach to reduce damages.

  • Coordinate your full response
  • Protect your most critical and confidential data
  • Conduct forensics for breach investigation
  • Return you to regular operations—ASAP
  • Plan to eradicate the root causes of the attack
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Breach Management

Our AI platform “AI.isaac” Underpins the Delivery of MDR