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Make ISO 27001 Compliance Simple

Follow our systematic approach to implement the individual ISO framework or integrated security management system that meets your organization’s unique needs.


Follow Our Technology-Driven Compliance Roadmap

Don’t waste time and money developing internal compliance tech. We’ve already developed a comprehensive implementation approach for you. We combine manual and automated tools and techniques that will bring you to ISO compliance with minimum effort, and maximum output.

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Use Our Tools to Simplify Your Compliance

Need to manage a fresh ISO implementation? Or do you just need to maintain your existing compliance? No matter your need, our proprietary tool—AI.saac—gives you a systematic method to establish, implement, and maintain your individual ISO standard or IMS framework.

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Leverage Decades of Front-Line ISMS Experience

Want to achieve your ISO certifications on-time and on-budget? We’ve spent almost two decades guiding organizations like yours into airtight compliance. Take advantage of our veteran team’s extensive experience and deep information security domain expertise, developed over decades of delivering world-class ISMS service offerings.

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ISO Compliance Program Customized to You

A generic ISO compliance program could never match the precise size, shape, and business model of your organization. We will customize our ISO compliance requirements, program, and implementation program to perfectly fit the geographical spread, business nature, and organizational type of your company.

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Take Advantage of Cost-Effective ISO Compliance

Follow our convenient path to ISO compliance. We structure our value-based fees to your organization’s unique context. Only pay for the specific delivery models, implementation approach, and proprietary tools & techniques appropriate you need to achieve compliance as fast and easy as possible.

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Add Layers of Security to Your Network

ISO compliance is necessary, but not sufficient. Let us give you complete security confidence on every process within the scope and coverage of your implementation. We can layer in additional regulatory & compliance audits, internal audits, regulatory assessments, risk assessments, and quarterly health check-ups.

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Gain Instant Access to 18 Years of Security Expertise

Gain additional access to our best-in-class security testing, application security testing, and vulnerability assessment services to maintain compliance and truly manage your risk.

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Plug the holes in your ISO 27001 compliance

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Service Features

You will achieve ISO 27001 compliance within our simple six-phase consulting engagement:


Project Planning and Organization Understanding

First, we will develop your detailed project plan, charter, and reporting processes, with defined roles and responsibilities, so you know who will be doing what and when within your implementation. In addition, we will develop a comprehensive understanding of your organization, your business, and your existing IT security operations to lay the groundwork for our program development.


Risk Assessment

We will gain a detailed understanding of your information assets and the impact of any loss of confidentiality, integrity, and availability of these assets if you suffer a security event. We will thoroughly identify, analyse, and evaluate, in order to produce and communicate out your new risk response plan.


Design and Documentation

We will develop and establish an appropriate information security governance program that is mindful of the many layers of stakeholders involved in your organization’s security. We will also develop the appropriate policies, procedures, and internal reviews required to maintain your new compliance-ready security posture.


Training and Implementation Support

We will bridge the gap between your new security controls, and their day-to-day deployment, by training, educating, and offering hands-on implementation support to your biggest source of security risks— the people within your end users, IT users, and senior management.


Internal Audit

Before submitting your organization for audit, our independent consultants will perform their own comprehensive pre-certification audit—set against the standard—to ensure you will not experience any surprises when you seek official certification.


ISO 27001:2013 Certification Audit

take any necessary final actions to ensure you achieve and maintain your ISO 27001:2013 compliance.

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