A Systematic Approach to Continuously
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Establish and maintain an information security management system that meets best practices and international standards.

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Comprehensive Coverage

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Certification Benefits

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Certification Methodology

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The Paladion Advantage

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Comprehensive Coverage

ISO 27001 Certification requires 14 information security domains that consist of 114 security controls to ensure all information assets covering people, processes and technology including suppliers and vendors are secure


Certification Benefits

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Reduce Expenses

With identified vulnerabilities and fewer security incidents, the costs associated with mitigation and loss of business decrease as well. Focused security spending secures critical information, can be achieved through periodic risk management processes.


Retain Customers

With ISO 27001 certification, your organization stands out among competitors to attract new clients, while demonstrating to your current customers that you are dedicated to the ongoing security of their information.



Top management can rely on transparent and structured reporting, teams can rely on clearly defined roles and responsibilities, and employees and stakeholders have an improved overall security awareness with ISO 27001 certification.

Certification Methodology


Gap Assessment and Scope Definition

Initial certification begins with a thorough understanding of your organization’s posture, an assessment of the current information security state of your organization against ISO 27001 standards as well as defining the scope for ISO 27001 certification.


Pre-Audit Assessment

Paladion’s ISO 27001 consulting team conducts an internal audit against the ISO 27001 standard and develops a corrective action report for the closure of the audit findings. We conclude with a confirmation of organization readiness for the external ISO 27001 certification.


ISO 27001 Certification Support

Finally, Paladion experts identify and select an external certification body, co-ordinate with certification auditors, as well as assist in the certification audit by providing all required documents and evidence for the auditor. We also provide full support to maintain your ISMS performance.


Training and Implementation Support

Paladion delivers online security awareness sessions for all employees in the scope of the certification as well as trains the stakeholders who are responsible for the ISMS implementation on the defined ISMS framework. We also provide on-going support for the implementation team and advisory services.This includes one round of performance measurement to measure the effectiveness of ISMS implementation.

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Risk Assessment

An information asset register is developed to reduce asset duplication, encourage greater efficiency and spot any potential risks. Risk assessment activities are used to identify and evaluate all possible security threats and vulnerabilities in the system before defining the risk appetite of the organization to plan for risk mitigation or treatment actions.


ISMS Framework Development

Next, we develop the policies and procedures for ISMS (Information Security Management System) implementation. This includes the definition of governance structure for the organization’s ISMS, developing the required process to support the ISMS implementation including policies and procedures and performance metrics to evaluate the ISMS implementation.

Develop a Security Framework that Goes Beyond ISO Standards

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The Paladion Advantage

Paladion’s ISO 27001 Consulting includes ISMS implementation and ISO 27001 certification of an organization through an in-house developed ISO 27001 Automation tool which acts as the delivery platform for the service.


Reduced Implementation Time

We provide an out-of-the-box knowledge repository of security threats, vulnerabilities and security controls to reduce the time devoted to the risk management process. An in-built audit checklist as part of the compliance management module reduces the turnaround time for an audit cycle.


Streamlined Reporting

Organizations can access the ready-to-use reports, dashboards, and risk heat maps to showcase the security posture of the organization to senior management, and can access our industry customized ISMS policies and security awareness content for effective ISMS implementation.


End To End Service

Our end-to-end services include current state assessment, risk assessment, ISMS framework development, training & implementation support, validating implementation through internal audits, and supporting the organization to get ISO 27001 certified.


Customized Framework

Our experts will help you develop a customized information security management framework based on your unique needs. The ISO 27001 certification process embeds industry specific security controls by considering standards and regulatory requirements for your organization.


Automation Of Routines

Implementation is accelerated through the built-in features of the ISMS Automation tool with a customizable workflow that is aligned to risk management methodology, and automated risk assessment and auditprocesses that tracks and closes audit findings.

Develop a Security Framework that Goes Beyond ISO Standards

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