How to Build an Adaptive, Future Ready Security Operations Center

Combat Advanced Cyber Threats Using Machine Intelligence, Security Automation, and Human Expertise

Published in association with frost-and-sullivan



Frost & Sullivan and Paladion bring to you a blueprint for next generation security operations center built on the Managed Detection and Response Model.

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Enterprises and organizations are putting ever stronger emphasis on their cyber security, and with good reason. As digital and data assets continue to gain in strategic importance, cyber threats are also rising. Attackers and hackers have access to a wide variety of sophisticated technologies and techniques to breach an organization’s defenses. Consequently, cyber security is a crucial part of safely and successfully managing business, technology, processes, and people.

Stakeholders are looking for reassurance that an organization’s security posture matches its needs today and preferably tomorrow as well. There is a growing awareness that traditional approaches to safeguarding financial transactions, customer data, and confidential assets are no longer enough to protect against advanced cyber-attacks. The adoption of more modern defensive techniques has become mandatory. Using the right building blocks, including a suitable IT security platform and team, next generation security operations can be implemented to keep innocent parties safe and cyber criminals at bay.

“How to Build an Adaptive, Future-Ready Security Operations Centre”, describes building a Next Generation Security Operations Center (Next Gen SOC) that can cover immediate and longer term needs. By acting today on the logic and the recommendations in this book, you can significantly reduce the risk of attackers successfully breaching your data or compromising your systems.

The blueprints and steps described in the following pages can help you move efficiently and effectively towards a Next Generation SOC, based on a sound architecture and the most recent techniques. Clear foundational principles are laid out; starting with the OODA (observe, orient, decide, act) loop, security automation, development of threat intelligence, and the characteristics of the modules for building a threat resistant Next Gen SOC.

Practical aspects include designing improved, robust operations into your everyday IT security, effective integration of leading edge technology, and best practices for transforming a traditional security operations center into a Next Gen SOC. Recommendations are valid whether your enterprise plans to use internal resources to meet these needs, or prefers an outsourcing solution using a managed security service provider. Clear explanations of both the conceptual and practical differences between a traditional and a next generation security operations center are also provided.

The Next Gen SOC can be your next-level assurance of protection and security in a world where cyber attacks can now affect almost every aspect of our lives. This book will help you to apply a robust, high performance cyber framework to defend against modern advanced threats in a cost-effective, affordable way, whatever the industry sector and size of your enterprise.

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