The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every industry imaginable. Healthcare, in particular, has been forced to adapt to the new environment quickly by incorporating remote connection with patients. This has enabled organizations to maintain critical daily operations during these unprecedented times.

However, in this rush to overcome obstacles and continue delivering quality care to patients, a vital step may very well have been overlooked – meeting HIPPA compliance requirements.

Which Organizations Should Be Concerning themselves with HIPAA Compliance?

Beyond hospitals and healthcare facilities, many other organizations need to meet HIPPA compliance in a remote, digital environment. They include any entity that handles Patient Health Information (PHI) such as:

• Healthcare providers
• Healthcare plan providers
• Public or private processing entities
• Business associates

Achieve HIPPA Compliance Quickly & Sustainably

In this whitepaper, you’ll gain insight into some of the biggest challenges that maintaining HIPAA compliance in a remote operating environment will bring to your healthcare organization. You’ll also be presented with simple yet effective solutions that will support your endeavors to meet telehealth HIPAA regulations.

The time is now to take advantage of relaxed HIPAA enforcement and close any gaps in your new remote environment. Download the full HIPAA whitepaper or get in touch and speak to a HIPAA specialist today.

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