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GDPR is one of the most advanced regulatory frameworks for personal data privacy in the world. It applies to enterprises and organizations both inside and outside the European Union. Paladion’s GDPR consulting experts help you reduce your risks, achieve continuing GDPR compliance, and make the most of the opportunities that GDPR  offers.

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Be EU GDPR Compliant and Feel the Benefit

GDPR responsibilities include people, processes, and systems. Customers, employees, and stakeholders look to you to get GDPR compliance right. Paladion’s experts are there to ensure you meet regulatory requirements and help you unlock business advantage in doing so.


Paladion’s GDPR Compliance Service

Assessment of Your Readiness to Comply with GDPR

Assessment of Your Readiness to Comply with GDPR

According to your situation, Paladion can supply expert assistance in one, several, or each of the following:

  • Identifying and classifying personal data dealt with in your organization
  • Matching your current data processing to GDPR requirements
  • Evaluating your data strategy, governance, security posture, and overall operations against GDPR requirements
  • Investigating of business partner and provider GDPR (e.g. third-party data processors)
  • Inventory and report on risks and recommendations for remediation as appropriate
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Working from your existing plan or a plan created with our GDPR experts, we help you put one, several, or each of the following in place:

  • Data subject request (DSR) management
  • Data discovery
  • Data portability, minimization, and levels/phases of deletion
  • Data security, timely breach notification and management
  • Data protection officer (DPO) assistance or delegated DPO services for your organization
Assistance in Implementing GDPR Policies, Processes, and Tools

Assistance in Implementing GDPR Policies, Processes, and Tools

Awareness Training for Your Personnel

Awareness Training for Your Personnel

Training can be tailored to the needs of those carrying out or responsible for GDPR compliance activities, including data collection, data processing, and interaction with data subjects and DSRs. Your employees will understand their role and importance of their diligence in making sure GDPR is correctly observed.

Besides being an obligation for any organization dealing with the personal data of individuals of the European Union, GDPR also creates opportunities. These include stronger corporate reputation thanks to improved security posture, better data governance including data retention policies, consolidation of data, and storage cost reductions. Paladion consultants can help you identify and benefit from such opportunities.

Consulting on GDPR Opportunities

Consulting on GDPR Opportunities

Why Choose Paladion’s GDPR Compliance Service?

An expert solution to help you achieve GDPR compliance
and leverage it for your advantage

Flexible Paladion GDPR Resources

Flexible Paladion GDPR Resources

We can advise on, drive, and maintain required GDPR compliance actions for you, as needed. Our GDPR service can be customized for different situations, including complete GDPR planning and implementation, gap analysis with existing preparations, assistance in implementing an existing plan, and interactions with supervisory authorities. We fit in with where you are and what you need to become GDPR compliant.

Clear, Committed GDPR Assistance

Clear, Committed GDPR Assistance

Paladion GDPR experts have experience in readying organizations for GDPR in many sectors and countries. We constantly update our knowledge with case studies and legal opinions, ensuring that our GDPR service for you is always optimized. This includes being alert for opportunities for your enterprise to turn an obligation into an opportunity for better business performance and results.


Experts and Advanced Technology

We leverage deep data privacy knowhow and a state of the art, proprietary technology platform to bring you the best in GDPR service. The results of this dual dimension approach are top-level effectiveness and efficiency in satisfying regulators, meeting the needs of customers, the public, and employees, and empowering your enterprise for enhanced performance and results.

Anticipate and Adjust Defensive Controls before an
Attack on your Environment

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Paladion’s GDPR service is part of a comprehensive range of cyber security and data privacy services and solutions. Our managed detection and response service (MDR), for example, offers end-to-end cybersecurity management from initial threat detection through daily monitoring to threat containment, mitigation and elimination, with advisory services for the different technical and business aspects of your cybersecurity.

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