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Use our detailed, strategic, and comprehensive GDPR consulting service to develop the plans, programs, and frameworks you need to get compliant fast.


Use Our Tech to Get Your Data in Shape for GDPR

GDPR regulates just about every piece of data you collect from your users, website visitors, customers, and anyone else who comes in contact with your business. Use our proprietary technology and processes to uncover all of this data and get it in line with GDPR requirements.

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A Simple, Straight Path to Becoming GDPR Compliant

Didn’t achieve GDPR compliance in time? Not a problem. We have developed a streamlined five-phase program that cuts through the confusion and complexity of GDPR and will take you from non-compliant to compliant before the regulators catch up to you.

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Decades of Experience with Data Privacy & Protection

GDPR may be new, but data privacy & protection regulations are not. Our GDPR teams mastered how to achieve compliance with every previous regulatory structure, and they have already focused their expertise on helping organizations like yours achieve GDPR—on-time, on-budget.

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The Right GDPR Implementation Plan for Your Org

One size does not fit all— especially when it comes to achieving and maintaining GDPR compliance. We will customize our core GDPR compliance implementation plan to how to be GDPR compliant within the unique needs of your organization’s industry, business model, and geographical spread.

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Follow a Cost-Effective Approach to GDPR Compliance

GDPR fines can total billions of dollars of damages. But achieving GDPR compliance doesn’t need to be cost-prohibitive. We will align our GDPR consulting fees to the specific implementation approach, delivery models, and proprietary tools & techniques required to bring you to GDPR compliance ASAP.

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How to Be GDPR Compliant— and Beyond

GDPR requirements are just the start. Tomorrow’s regulations will require even stricter security. Get a head start and bring next-generation security to your organization, today. Layer our additional regulatory and compliance audits, internal audits, advanced regulatory & risk assessments, and quarterly health check-ups, to your GDPR compliance program.

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Gain Instant Access to 18 Years of Security Expertise

Gain additional access to our best-in-class security testing, application security testing, and vulnerability assessment services to maintain GDPR compliance and truly manage your risk.

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EU GDPR compliance extends out of Europe.

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Service Features

You will achieve GDPR compliance within our simple five-phase consulting engagement:


System Study and Scope Finalization

First, we will develop a deep understanding of your organization, in order to draw up an accurate (and agreed-upon) scope for your GDPR requirements. We will examine your existing network, identify the IT components that fall within scope, and review your critical applications, business units, and locations.


Data Discovery and Assessments

We will develop a deep understanding of, and visibility into, all of your data which needs to be GDPR compliant. This involves discovering personal data collected by your organization, charting your data’s lifecycle, and mapping your cross-departmental data flow to prepare your Data Register. We will also perform a risk assessment of your data, and develop your treatment plan to mitigate risk.


Control Framework Design and Roadmap Preparation

We will design governance and breach management policies, frameworks, and templates. We will also apply a GDPR privacy policy, assign data protection roles, train your staff, and maintain awareness of your new GDPR requirements.


Implementation Support and Advisory

We will define and provide any security controls, technical controls, and advisory support services demanded by the specific GDPR compliance needs and context of your unique organization.


Internal Audit

Finally, we will perform an internal audit of your organization to ensure you are now fully GDPR compliant. We will present our findings to your management team, and offer any final activities required to fill any remaining holes uncovered within your GDPR compliant posture.

Client Testimonials

“GDPR is complicated, to say the least. And while we have always done our best to operate with good data privacy policies, we worried we weren’t going to be in perfect compliance with GDPR. Paladion answered our questions, evaluated our current state, and guided us through an effective roadmap to achieve compliance in record time.”

CIO, Online Retailer

“We heard about some of the big GDPR fines that companies like ours were suffering, and we knew we needed to act fast. We knew just one of those fines could bankrupt us. So instead of taking the time to try and sort out the new regulations on our own, we just called Paladion. They got us 100% GDPR compliant ASAP— and let us get back to business without worrying.”

IT Director, Global Manufacturing Company

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