Essential Security Controls to Secure Your Remote Workforce Webcast

Thomas McDonald - Vice President, US Enterprise Accounts at Paladion.

Find Out How To Mitigate Emerging Threats In The Current COVID-19 Climate And Beyond

The COVID-19 pandemic has unequivocally transformed the workplace for most organizations. As companies have scrambled to adapt to the new reality of working remotely, there has been a huge spike in cybercrime activity.

While attackers take advantage of the vulnerabilities naturally caused by the chaos, there are measures that your organization can take to mitigate the risk.

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  • The different types of threats to look out for amidst the disruption including:
    • Risks due to remote users
    • Risk of contractual violations and non-compliance
    • Risks caused by the changing IT environment
  • The most effective counter measures to protect your employees and organization from attacks. This includes:
    • Authenticated vulnerability scans
    • Additional controls on remote user devices
    • Enhanced security programs

Tune In To The Webcast To Find Out How